Exploring the Best Attractions in New York City

New York City is a glamorous place. It’s the most populous city in the US and the most iconic.

As a globally recognized megacity, NYC is a leading tech, financial, and entertainment hub.

The city presents a vibrant and diverse atmosphere with numerous attractions that make it an unbeatable destination.

If you’re planning to visit The Big Apple, this list of some of the best attractions in the city will come in handy.

Brooklyn Bridge

Many people who have never set foot in New York are familiar with the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a signature landmark that many can only see in films.

While in town, a trip along the iconic bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back would definitely check an essential aspect of NYC off your list.

As a National Historic Landmark, the bridge presents an excellent opportunity to learn the city’s history, take memorable pictures, and intimately experience New York City.

The views of the East River, the boroughs, and the commuters on the massive six-lane way are a photographer’s dream.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is no doubt an integral part of the United States as a nation, symbolizing the freedom and democracy that comes with it.

For non-locals, the unique towering beacon is well known, which makes it a highly sought-after destination.

Who wouldn’t want to see this wonder of the modern world in person?

From Manhattan, the best access to the statue is a ferry ride from Battery Park to Liberty Island.

The Theater District

If you’re a theater lover or want to appreciate a fantastic entertainment scene, stop at the Theater District while in Manhattan.

The area has dozens of major Broadway theaters, making it one of the most popular NYC attractions. With plenty of restaurants and retail stores in the area, Theater District offers excellent dining and entertainment options.

Central Park

Locals seeking a break from the concrete jungle find themselves in the city’s 340-hectare park in central Manhattan.

For visitors, Central Park is a huge attraction displaying a calmer and equally entertaining section of New York City.

The urban park is not just a beautiful place to be. It has playgrounds, a zoo, dining, movie, and concert areas to make your time there more entertaining.

Times Square

Times Square in Midtown Manhattan is the one place that truly captures the spirit of New York City.

There’s no experiencing NYC without rubbing shoulders with the culturally diverse crowd rushing about in the famous intersection. You want to experience the bustling commercial hub and the historic yellow cabs.

Visitors to Times Square usually appreciate the towering skyscrapers with gigantic billboards and the theaters and retail stores scattered all over.

The High Line

There are parks, and then there are extraordinary green spaces that you can only experience to appreciate fully.

One of these must-visit places is The High Line.  Located on Manhattan’s West Side, the elevated rail line was just that until it went out of service and was transformed into a hanging garden.

The linear park stretches 1.45 miles and has trees, flowers, park benches, and well-laid paths. It also offers stunning views of the city and the Hudson River.

The City Skyline

New York City has a magnificent skyline with unparalleled views.

Visiting such a bustling concrete jungle with imposing and iconic buildings offers a unique opportunity to view it all and take as many photos as possible.

And is there a better way to achieve that than the observation decks atop the tallest buildings in the city?

Check out the soaring sky decks at the Edge and Empire State Building.

Weed Dispensaries

Cannabis tourism has grown since the Empire State legalized the drug for recreational and medical use.

These unique stores, where you can learn about weed and buy some without legal consequences, provide a look at the city and state’s dynamic culture.

If you’re pro-cannabis or interested in the subject, checking out NYC’s recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries would be a good learning experience.


New York City is one of the world’s greatest and most important megacities. It’s definitely not lacking in attractions, but there are so many you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you want to focus on the best attractions in the city, this post is a good starting point.