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Barkbox vs PawPack July 2015 Small Dog Box Review and Comparison

I figured I’d do a comparison review of my July 2015 PawPack and Barkbox. Since I was sick, I sorta fell behind on the reviews so this will be two in one fell swoop! Yay!

First, I should say that I’ve been getting Barkbox for over a year now. PawPack is still fairly new, I think this is my third second? month. My dogs are rat terriers and weigh about 17lbs. One loves toys, the other loves treats. My treat lover is allergic to chicken and my toy lover hates rubber. They’re basically little people. 😀

First up- PawPack!

This months box had three treats and two toys. It does not come with an information card.

PawPack has three dog sizes: 0-20lb, 21-49lb and 50+. PawPack also caters to cats which Barkbox definitely does not do. So far I’m not recommending this box for dogs under 10lbs.

The Cost: $35/month

What You Get: Each PawPack comes with 4 or more premium full sized items as well as samples and other goodies that will always be All-Natural and Grain Free.

Zippy Paws Water Bottle Lobster- This is one of those toys that have a water bottle inside thats all crunchy and enticing. Bugsy likes this kind of toy and we haven’t received one in quite awhile.
Value: $6.99

Bugsy is modelling the Octopus toy that also arrived in the box. I can’t remember the brand but it was destroyed so immediately, I had to toss it. I didn’t like the nylon threads everywhere and didn’t want him to be swallowing any. I’m going to guess the value is about $7.

The treats were a really fun part of this box. I’ve never received Wellness treats in any of my dog boxes before!

Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars- These are salmon and whitefish with pomegranate. The treats are grain free. They’re 100% natural and contain no artificial flavorings or colors.
Value: $7.99

HavePaws for Dogs Talkin’ Turkey Jerky Chips- These are all natural jerky treats. I’m so happy that they’re turkey. Dexter is allergic to chicken but turkey doesn’t have the same affect on his guts. It’s so much easier when I can give the dogs the same treat. Grain and gluten free, and free of artificial flavors, colors and preservative.
Value: $4.99

Pig Ear- We’ve had a lot of cow ears but no pig ears. Dexter (my treat dog) was desperate to eat this and ran to his bed in a down-stay, waiting for me to give it to him. He is such a good boy.
Value: $1.99

What Makes PawPack Special? PawPack is dedicated to providing the best all-natural, grain-free treats for your pet. Whenever possible the products will also be organic, eco-friendly and free of by-product. Treats will never, ever be made in China.

Beyond the toy destruction, I was very, very pleased with the treat selection in this box. Most dog boxes do tend to be very careful about sourcing treats from anywhere outside the USA but I like the variety of both well-known and award-winning niche treat brands. Definitely awesome!

Value: Around $29 since I’m having to guess on the Octopus price.

Now for Barkbox!

This months Barkbox has a “Circus” theme. It has three treats and two toys as well!

Barkbox has the same weight categories as PawPack (0-20lbs, 20-50lbs, 50+lbs). I sure thought they had a Tiny Dog option but either I was dreaming or they got rid of it. I do not recommend the Small Dog box for dogs under 10lbs.

The Cost: $29/month

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Carly the Bearded Lady- This had (key word) one of those weird duck honker type squeakers in it. It’s made by Barkbox in whatever factory these things are made in. Bugsy LOVES this!! Like brings it to bed and sleeps with in it his mouth type of loves it. Even after he ripped out the squeaker/honking thing. Surprisingly, it’s held up really well since he only tore a small hole to get that squeaker out. It still even has its stuffing.
Value: $13

Emerald Pet Piggy Twizzies- These are made in the USA and have no grain, gluten, soy or dairy. These are really big and I adjusted the amount of Dexter’s regular meal the day he ate this. They’re crunchy and not like a chewy bully stick.
Value $4

Zigoo Pets Veggout- This can be stuffed with carrots or another treat. It even floats! This is a good size for my rat terriers but sadly neither one of them was into this at all. It happens with this toy material. Dexter likes Kongs but that’s about it.
Value: $10

My Doggy Soft-Baked Cheesy Cookies-4oz- These are wheat-free, made in America and taste like cheese! What more could a dog want?! We have a little chihuahua mix visiting us right now because her “sister” just passed away. We’re hoping to distract her and keep her from mourning too deeply by surrounding her with other dogs. She *loved* these. She also loved all the toys strewn through the house. It’s probably the equivalent of going to Grandma’s when you’re a kid. My dogs are spoiled rotten with all these dog boxes and she’s probably never seen so many toys in her life. 😀 She did all her tricks to get me to give her more of these cheesy treats.
Value: $4

Lucky Dog Grain-Free Roast Duck Treats-5oz- More made in the USA, grain-free treats. And the best part? Duck! I’m always glad when a box includes one of the more unusual protein sources just because of Dexter’s allergy. These are crunchy treats of a nice size. Since the boys were puppies, we’ve always given them a treat when we leave. Originally it was to prevent separation anxiety, now it’s part of the leave-taking ritual. The dogs hear our keys jingle and run to their beds for their treat. Hah.
Value: $9

What Makes Barkbox Special? The themes are adorable. They make their own toys now. I’m not sure where their factory is but for the most part the toys are fairly sturdy. Not all of them, of course. Barkbox also has an Allergy box for dogs with allergies. I’m considering getting that one for a bit again. While they don’t cater to your dogs specific allergies, they avoid putting in any treats with the most common triggers (chicken, beef, grains, corn, soy…).

So, I think this month, these boxes are on par with each other. Barkbox had one awesome toy and one that will be donated. The treats are great and neither have chicken (that’s a personal preference because of Dexter but it’s important to me).

Value: $38 but it’s probably more like $35 because I’m not sure on the price for the Lucky Dog treats. Their website doesn’t have the Duck treats and the 16oz versions are $10 on sale for $6 (ridiculously good price, btw).

FINAL THOUGHTS: Both of these boxes were great for us. I don’t always expect to have the dogs love every toy and I expect a certain amount of destruction. I do have rat terriers… High energy with a strong prey drive. Barkbox may have a higher monetary value this month but the treat brands in the PawPack are so good that for me they balance out. I’ve never seen Wellness in a Barkbox.
The other thing to note is that Barkbox is making their own toys now. There’s a certain part of me that really would rather seen well-known pet toy brands but then the other part thinks well, half the toys are made in China anyway, so what does it really matter? It doesn’t.

So, both Barkbox and PawPack were excellent boxes this month! I’m happy to have both plus all those new treats!

If you’d like to sign up for Barkbox, you can do that here. If you use my link you’ll get a free box added to your subscription. That link works great for a one month subscription but if you want a longer one, go for this Groupon Deal instead! ALSO! If you use Ebates (if you don’t and you buy online a lot, you should!), make sure to activate it either for the Barkbox website or Groupon. Barkbox will give you $3 back and Groupon has a 9% cashback right now.

If you’d like to sign up for PawPack, head here on their website. Get $20 off your first box with code REFERRAL20!! When that expires, use code CHECKOUT5 for $5 off your first box.