Robb Vices June 2017 Men’s Luxury Subscription Box Review

is a stellar men’s luxury subscription. I’ve been blown away by the thoughtful curation and content every month. We’ve been subscribed for three month’s now and every time the box shows up, I can’t quite believe they manage to come up with so many interesting themes and products on a monthly basis. It seems like it should be a quarterly subscription, it’s that luxurious.

This is an offshoot of Robb Report which is a magazine and website devoted to the best of the best luxury goods and experiences. The goal of Robb Vices is to send you a carefully themed and curated gift package containing some of the most exclusive, must-have products found to cross the high bar set by Robb Report.

Boxes will contain gourmet food, wine, spirits, and products from boutique brands and elite artisans. It’s a celebration of vices, providing anything from alcohol and food to accessories and gadgets that are “worthy of your ownership”.

The Cost: 89.95/month, less with longer subscription

What You Get: Every month is a new surprise which may bring exceptional wines and spirits to enjoy, foods to taste, tools, toys, accessories, and gadgets. Each reflects an area of the good life that will make for the highlight of your month.

I’ve noticed that alcohol tends to feature frequently and you do have to be over 21 to subscribe. Shipping is FedEx and depending on your delivery person, requires a signature. My regular guy doesn’t make me sign (probably because he knows me way too well) but the substitute does. Either way, it’ll suck if you’re not there to sign so make arrangements. Will they accept a note you leave a note on the door?

Every month is accompanied by a heavy duty, full color magazine discussing the choices made for your box that month along with exclusive interviews with the makers and creators, lots of details about each product and interesting tidbits relating to that month’s vices.

Highspire Whiskey- 100% heirloom rye. Double pot distilled. Aged for 130 days in used Paso Robles wine barrels. Chill filtered. Finished with oak staves. Made in Kentucky. The consensus seems to be that this is a young (too young?) whiskey made in an unusual way that provides for some interesting flavor notes.

I’m not a whiskey connoisseur so I don’t know how much difference it would make to me. Although I was lucky enough to be able to try the Booker’s Limited Edition Rye and nothing else will ever compare.
In any case it doesn’t matter because there’s all sorts of things included in this box to spruce the whiskey up and take it from “meh” to “ooo.”
Value: $45.99

1821 Bitters Rosemary Sage Rich Simple Syrup- This syrup is extra concentrated so you can use less while still getting full, rich flavor for your cocktails! It’s handcrafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It smells like pure heaven. Forget using it in drinks, I want to pour it on my chicken. In this specific case, it’s for making a Rosemary Sage Old Fashioned. Since Old Fashioned’s are my husbands favorite drink, he’s thrilled with this.
Value: $18.99

1821 Bitters Havana and Hide- These bitters have been barrel aged in Charred Oak for a rich and earthy flavor. They evoke the flavors of leather and cigar leaf. With notes of Sandalwood, Chicory and Clove, these are their heaviest bitters and pair perfectly with Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon.
Smelling these makes me think of old Gentlemen’s Clubs with leather chairs, cigars and no women allowed. The nice thing is that this bottle will last quite awhile!
Value: $18.99

Dardiman’s Citrus Crisps- Blood orange and regular orange! Crispy crunchy. I guess you can eat them plain if you want? Or drop them in your drink for flavor. I’ve never seen anything like these but I’m going to taste test both ways for sure.

Big Picture Farms Goat Milk Caramels- I’ll be honest. I love caramel. But I do not like goat milk caramel. It just tastes too weird.
Value: $9

Q Drinks Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale- One of the reasons Robb Vices is so fun is the booklet that comes with each box is really a heavy duty magazine. In it you learn all sorts of interesting things about what is in the box. In this particular case, it’s all about the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer. These mixers are made with the best ingredients, as fresh as possible with ingredients like fresh ginger, rose oil and organic agave nectar. Their selections are packed in thicker bottles in order to preserve the fizz, too. The ginger ale is less spicy and less sweet than the ginger beer. The ginger ale is provided depth by a mixture of spices (along with the ginger, of course). The ginger beer is for mixing (not really for drinking from the bottle). It’s spicy, more carbonated and less sweet than other ginger beers you may run across. In short, perfect for mixing with your whiskey, vodka or rum. Bottom line? Mix Q Ginger Ale with your whiskey and your Q Ginger Beer with just about anything. I’m definitely interested in trying both.
Value: $6

Sempli Cupa-Rocks Glasses- Lead-free crystal glassware. They say that the angle aids in the oxygenation of your whiskey but mainly they’re just unusual and fun conversation pieces. Plus they’re pretty pleasing to the eye. I imagine accidents happen if you forget you have a strange glass and set it down wrong… I’m a little concerned about slopping my beverage everywhere but we will see what happens with use. 🙂
Value: $40

Tommy John $50 Gift Certificate- I almost forgot!! I tend to toss the loose bits in boxes but this box had $50 towards a purchase at Tommy John. It’s a men’s underwear brand and the certificate did what it was supposed to do– get me to spend money. I snagged a crew neck tee and a pair of boxers for my husband. You can get just one item and it will be covered by your gift card but for $22 of my own money I got two and figured that was worth it. DH says they’re both comfy.

VERDICT: First, let me say that I have not used any of this because I’m saving it all for a special party for my husband. He has a bunch of friends flying in from all over and this will be an EXCELLENT experience for everyone to enjoy. Since one of the goals of Robb Vices is to provide a luxury experience, I feel it’s a fitting way to use this box.
Now, what do I think of this box objectively? If you have the spending money, it’s a must! Men really don’t get enough attention in the subscription box world. My husband loves surprises and he enjoys receiving packages. It’s not just a girl thing. This is his favorite box by far (not that he doesn’t love his Loot Crates) and he whole heartedly approves of any funds used to purchase it.