Snakku March 2017 Premium Japanese Snack Subscription Review and Coupon

Snakku has been arriving directly from Japan for the last few months. I think that means better access to delicious snacks. There were some REALLY tasty snacks in this box, too. I usually tend to love the crunchy, savory snacks but lately Snakku has been sending some delicious sweet treats and I’ve enjoyed the indulgence.
I know I’ve said it a million times but I’m always so impressed with Snakku’s presentation. This box is a pleasure to open. The pretty furoshiki cloth. the colorful box itself and the professional information page add up to a gift experience. I love it!

The Cost: $38.99/month for the Snakku Box. $15.95/month for the Tasting Box.

What You Get: Get a collection of 10-15 hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Gouden Wafels- The January box had some waffle snacks, too, and I loved them. This wafel sandwich has one side dipped in milk chocolate. I think I like plain better than chocolate covered but that’s just because I am super picky about my chocolate.
Tokyo Tamago- This snack is so fun! Carefully packaged, inside is an egg shaped treat coated with white chocolate. Inside is two layers of cake with a sesame paste center.
Sugar Butter Sandwich- This is a puff pastry cookie made with barley with a white chocolate cream filling. I loved the airy-ness of the pastry but I think the barley part made it taste too different.
Tokyo Pancake- This was fantastic! A pancake flavored langue-de-chat biscuit sandwich with white chocolate and a maple cream filling. I wished so hard there were more than two of these.
Odaiba Ring- These are sold only at Odaiba in Tokyo. It’s a banana flavored crunchy chocolate topped with white chocolate. It is SO GOOD! The banana flavor was amazing! I was very, very sad there were only two.

Nijushisetsu Flower- Beautifully wrapped, individual senbei with unique flavors. I received Yuzu and Black Pepper. I think.
Salty Caramel- Japanese caramel with sea salt.

Black Thunder- These are like chocolate crunch bars with pretzel inside. They’re so good! Once again, very sad there were only two.
Edamame Senbei- Lightly salted rice cracker crisps with edamame.

Hina Arare- Colorful rice crackers celebrating Doll’s Day in Japan. Multi-flavored puffs. I ate all the pink ones first. 🙂

VERDICT: Such a great variety of Japanese snacks. As always, I wish there were more of each snack included. This is a pricey box and I think the value would increase nicely with a few more of each. On the other hand, Snakku makes an excellent gift and on that front it would be totally worth it to make someone as happy as I get when trying all these tasty treats.

If you would like to sign up for Snakku, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES for 5% off your first box.