Esian Box Deluxe Snack Box Review and $3 Coupon Code

has a few eclectic box subscriptions for those into Asian snacks, Asian beauty and/or geeky gamer goodies. It seems like kind of an awkward combination but it works. At least for the box I got. This is the Deluxe Esian Box version of their snack box which means it comes with not just snacks but also gamer items!

I’m all for snacks. Bonus geek items are always welcome in my household so this went over fairly well. We’ve been taste testing since it arrived.

Esian Box has a selection of three different Snack Boxes. The Deluxe box is the only snack box that comes with “geek swag” though. Since I’ve only received one box so far, I can’t attest to the total quality of the swag and style. I’m happy with what showed up in this month’s box, though.

The Cost: $34.95/month

What You Get: In the Deluxe box you’ll receive 12-14 snacks with 1-2 items of geek merchandise. Total value is at least $50 per box.

There’s no information card but if you scan the QR code included it takes you to a page that shows you everything and has nutritional info and all that.

Starting with the big stuff these are some spicy wheat snacks. I love that they’ve included such a big bag. Half the time there is never enough of what I enjoy. I’ve always been super appreciative of large sizes and multiples of individual snacks.

I really like the salad Pretz. They’re a lot thinner than these. These are like mini breadsticks. Much fatter than normal. I tried the Cheese ones and they taste great. My husband opened the Basil ones but I haven’t eaten any yet. I’m sure they’re just as tasty. We just eat them plain but I’m sure you could dip them in something.

I’m hoarding my pork ramen! This is a pretty common brand but I haven’t had this flavor before. My husband loves noodles and we regularly hit up the Asian store in our area and come home with armfuls of indecipherable noodle types.
I’m saving this box of chocolate stumps for my nephew. I think it’s hilarious that they even exist. I mean who would ever think of making a cookie shaped like a stump anyway?! Animals? Yes. Stumps? Not so much. Haha!

Here’s the geek items included. Star Wars fingerless gloves and a Stormtrooper sticker and coaster. The gloves are nice, licensed and everything which I didn’t expect. The Star Wars logo is a shiny sort of rubber that is firmly attached to the glove itself. I like them. 🙂

Then there were a billion loose snacks. Bourbon brand Chick cookies and strawberry Home Cafe biscuits. Two kinds of senbei plus some funny cheese crackers and ramune gummies. Some arrived broken but I don’t much care about that unless it’s crumbs and inedible.

VERDICT: This was a pretty fun box. I think the geek items definitely made it worth the cost and I really liked seeing the large sizes of bagged and boxed snacks. And ramen is always a good thing, of course. The loose snacks were a nice variety of sweet and savory, too. Although it did make me think twice about what’s been arriving in some of my “premium” Japanese snack boxes because they’ve both had the Bourbon brand snacks in them. So either they’re passing off regular snacks as premium or this box just sends great snacks. Hmmm…

If you’d like to sign up for an Esian Box Use codefor $3 off your first box. There’s a lot of options since they also have beauty boxes. I’m interested to see what’s in a beauty box version.