Adidas Avenue A Spring 2017 Subscription Box Review

I’ve been subscribed to Avenue A by Adidas for three seasons. This is a quarterly box full of shoes and sportswear. I think it was originally geared toward runners but it also has a gym and “hey, I wear yoga pants as real clothing” vibe, too. When you sign up, you’re asked a bunch of questions about your workout lifestyle and I’ll be completely honest…. I don’t run. At all. Ever. Unless I’m chasing the dog or the FedEx guy.

However, that does not mean that I don’t love a good shoe and/or workout gear. I do go to the gym rather regularly. I am currently lifting weights with my husband after months (okay, fine, years) of chugging away on treadmills and ellipticals. I’m loving it! And with my changing shape, I’m also appreciating the glory of beautiful workout clothing.

The Avenue A box sends real Adidas gear for a fraction (and I do mean fraction) of the regular price. Usually, the shoes alone make up the cost of the box and there are still four other goodies whose retail prices make me croak. This is the only way I’ll ever justify getting some of these things.

The Cost: $150/quarter

What You Get: Get premium urban running gear, crafted and perfected by women for women on the move. Discover a fresh mix of styles curated quarterly by celebrities, always on-trend and on the pulse of fashion.

Pure Boost Xpose Shoes- This shoe has a floating arch (you can see through it!) that are supposed to offer superior foot strike cushioning. They are insanely comfortable! After last months size debacle, I had changed my shoe size in my profile to a 6.5 (from a 7) but that was a mistake. I should have left it. I was uncertain, though, because I don’t normally buy Adidas shoes and the Winter ones said they were 7 but were AT LEAST one to two sizes to big. I think they sent Men’s sizes. Anyway, it’s super easy to exchange and my new size 7’s should be here shortly.
Value: $130 (yeah… pricy, right?)

Ultimate Long Tights in Black- I couldn’t seem to find these on sale anywhere. I don’t know if they ran out because they gave them to all their subscribers but… there you have it. These are so stylish with their mesh paneling and eyelets but the seams over the thigh where the material goes from solid to mesh digs a line into my flesh. I don’t like rolls around my bra and I don’t like rolls in my thigh so these are being passed on to someone with less chub.
Value: $90

Micro Camo Print Bra- A medium support sports bra made with recycled fibers. Moisture wicking. It’s cute. I wouldn’t wear it running but I’m a special snowflake and can’t wear regular sports bras anyway. No. I have to shell out the big bucks for Freya or Chantelle. Bleh. Apparently I’m “blessed”. Yay, genetics. *grumpy face*
Value: $45