PetGiftBox January 2017 Small Dog Box Review and Coupon Code

PetGiftBox is a subscription box for dogs and cats. This review is for the Petite Pup box which is designed for dogs up to 20lbs. My boys are about 17lbs and this box tends to have toy sizes that fit well. This box has treats and toys both labeled with the PetGiftBox brand which I feel is a new thing. Not that it’s unusual. Barkbox also does this.

The theme this month is “Paws Vegas” and while it’s not my favorite box they’ve done, Bugsy did love the toys. If you want a box with new toys and regular snacks, this box might fit what you’re looking for. You’re not going to find super high quality goods in PetGiftBox but they’ll definitely be serviceable.

The Cost: $28.99/month

What You Get: Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and other great products that have been hand picked for your pet.

First up, we have two similar toys. Semi-rigid with multiple squeakers, these made Bugsy very happy. He’s a fan of squeakers, especially after they’ve been removed from their original home. While these were fairly large, they’re very light and so were easy to play with.

A cookie was also included. It was broken but that just made it easy to divide between the boys. They both loved it. Of course. They’re easy to please in the treat department.

Jackpot Treats- No soy or corn in these and they’re made with chicken. I handed these off to my friend with a German Shepherd because Dexter can’t eat chicken. While these are branded by PetGiftBox, I’m not sure who the manufacturer is. I think I’d like to know that. Either way it does say they’re a product of the USA and I always like it when they’re soy free.

Dog Perignon Pet Winery Brunt– Haha! This is so funny! It’s basically water with salmon oil and a drop of food coloring. I wasn’t going to give this to them at first but PetWinery only uses organic components in their “wines” so I think I’ll give it a try. Plus fish oil is so good for doggie coats. I’ve gotten out of the habit of feeding the boys a sardine a day and Dexter’s coat is definitely not as shiny as it was.

VERDICT: If you’re curious about whether your dog would like to get a box like this, PetGiftBox is a good place to start. Especially when you can get your first box for 50% off (use code BITSANBOXES). It’s on the less expensive end of the spectrum for dog boxes, too. Accordingly, you’re not going to find Kong in here but you will receive enough to keep your dog entertained and in treats every month. I get a few of these boxes and I really am a big fan of the subscription option. Fewer trips to the store and my dogs are always busy with something new.

If you would like to sign up for PetGiftBox, you can do that here. Use code BITSANDBOXES for 50% off your first month. That code will also work for the cat boxes.

What are your thoughts about subscription boxes for dogs? Do they work for you?