GeekFuel FallOut Spoilers February 2017 plus Get $3 Off

GeekFuel is one of many geektastic and gamer focused subscription boxes. Loot Crate is probably the most famous but others have plenty of goodies. The February 2017 GeekFuel will have an exclusive Fallout wearable! There are some strange hints about the dog…

Who am I to say no to a Fallout wearable, though? I hope it’s the tshirt, of course. Fallout has been a top notch game franchise, to say the least. Has anyone else found the submarine yet? The completionist in me needs to run downstairs right now and continue playing even if there’s already an ungodly amount of hours invested.

Besides Fallout, GeekFuel will also feature Legend of Zelda and Batman. Not sure what exactly but there you go!

Can’t really go wrong with Fallout and Zelda.

The Cost: $17.60 + $6 S/H Per Month

What You Get: An exclusive tshirt plus 5 – 8 items including toys, comics, collectibles and everyday items for your home, office and secret lair with a $50 value. Plus one downloadable game and a mini-mag.

If you’d like to sign up, you can use this link to get $3 off your first box!