Bokksu February 2017 Japanese Subscription Box Review and Coupon

I can’t even tell you when I opened up this February 2017

Bokksu snack box. I might have shrieked. I might have run around the house holding it aaaand I might have run up to my husband and shoved it under his nose. Might have. As I’m typing this, I’ve tried most but not all of the SUPER AWESOME KITKATS found in this box.

They dedicated the whole box to KitKat!! If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know there is an obsession of sorts with KitKat. They have flavors you won’t find anywhere else and you can get them everywhere! Probably even in vending machines (since you can get beer, noodles and panties from vending machines, there has to be a KitKat one, right?).

I’ve always wondered why there is such a love for Kit Kat in Japan. Apparently it’s because the Japanese pronunciation of Kit Kat is very similar to the phrase for “definite victory” (kitto katsu). This means Kit Kat are handed out as good luck charms for students taking exams, etc.

The Cost: $38.99/month

What You Get: You’ll receive 18-20 authentic Japanese snacks sourced directly from Japan plus a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme.

So I have to explain a little about the KitKat themselves to start off with. Since Bokksu provided extra info, I have to share it. Because it’s interesting. In this box there are three types of KitKat: Luxury, Adult and Limited Edition. Luxury KitKat have higher quality ingredients and come as one bar instead of two. Adult KitKat are made with less sweetness and more rich, natural flavor. Limited Edition versions can be difficult to find because not only can they be made only during certain parts of the year but they are also region specific. So if you’re out and you see a strange flavor, grab it, because that may be the only place you’ll find it.

Limited Edition Sake- This Kit Kat launched in June 2016 and is alcoholic! It’s white chocolate and contains .8% alcohol. I’m guessing it’s burned out when they’re cooked but still. Anyway, it definitely tastes like sake. My mouth is still breathing it. haha!

Limited Edition Wasabi- I did not touch these except to take this photo and then I washed my hands. I hate wasabi. I learned that the hard way in Japan in a tiny sushi shop in a basement in Shinjuku. Never again. Of course, my husband was happy to take them all. He loves wasabi!

Luxury Edition Cranberry Almond- This is milk chocolate with tiny chunks of almond and dried cranberries on top. It’s quite good although I’m not sure I would have figured out the taste without help.

Limited Edition Rum Raisin- These are only sold in the Kanto region and it has an alcohol content of .056%. It’s very… raisin-y. Not my favorite. It’s also white chocolate.

Limited Edition Hojicha- This might be my favorite! It’s sold only in the Kansai region and is a collaboration between KitKat and a Kyoto Tea Maker. It’s roasted green tea layered into the chocolate and it’s DELICIOUS! I love that roasted flavor. I’m going to be sad if I can’t find more.

Adult Edition Matcha- I’m not a fan of matcha and even in Kit Kat form the taste just doesn’t do it for me. However my husband loves them so he was happy he got them all.
Adult Edition Original- This is a less sweet version of KitKat but it also has added bits of chocolate cookies in it. This one is a tie for my favorite with the Hojicha one. Excellent! It seems like the chocolate is darker as well. So good!

Adult Edition Strawberry- This smells amazing! It’s white chocolate and tastes primarily of glorious strawberry! I don’t really like the strawberry versions around here but this one actually tasted like strawberries.

Kagoshima Seicha Satsumarche Benifuuki Black Tea- This tea was fantastic. Benifuuki is a Japanese tea plant cultivated in Makurazaki City. Only the young leaves are harvested by hand then fermented for three months in the dark at low temperatures. Bokksu says that as a result, the tea is high in catechin content which help combat allergies like hayfever. I found this to be strong but pleasant and slightly floral with minimal bitterness. Perfection.

VERDICT: I *loved* this box. I think they should offer it as a one time purchase all year round. Because not everyone has a way to taste test Kit Kat like this. I would buy one for my mom because she loves Kit Kats and has always been thrilled when I bring her new flavors home from all the places we’ve been. But even in Japan I never saw these flavors (although I did see a sweet potato version) plus I have to admit that the ones we did buy and try while we were there, we didn’t really know what the flavors were for sure since we can’t read Japanese. This box is definitely pricey but I think it must be costly to import directly from specific snackmakers in Japan.

If you would like to sign up for Bokksu, you can do that here. They send premium Japanese snacks that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. It’s a lot of fun if you are into Japanese treats, sweets and snacks but don’t really want the colorful candy types and DIY kits. Real snacks for connoisseurs, I suppose. 🙂