Barkbox January 2017 Small Dog Box Review and Free Box Offer

is one of the top dogs when it comes to pet boxes. We’ve been getting Barkboxes for… two years now? Three, maybe? Every month is a new delivery of toys and treats that both my dogs go nuts for. They know when a Barkbox arrives and they know they want whats in it.

If you’re a crazy dog mama like me, you love to shower your boys (and/or girls) with toys they’ll love and treats they can’t wait to snarf down. I like to keep them engaged and interested and we practice our tricks all the time so training treats are always needed.

Barkbox used to include information cards but they’ve done away with that now. I think it’s because there are so many variations between boxes. I’m really proud of them for catering to dogs with allergies, too. You can select an Allergy Free box in your account after you sign up.

The Cost: $29/month (less if you get a longer subscription)

What You Get: Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection.

Chicken and Pea Treats- These treats use cage free chicken and are gluten free. I’m not sure my dogs care about either of those things but I like to be conscientious about what they eat. I’ve tried both grain free and regular foods and they don’t seem to have any issues either way.

Wagatha’s Venison and Cranberry Treats- These are the kinds of treats I give to the dogs when we are leaving the house. I’ve done this since they were puppies in order to prevent the whole separation anxiety thing. It worked really well. Too well, I think. Now the second they hear keys jingling or I start putting on my shoes, they start running around the house in excitement. They practically shove me out the door for their treat. 🙂

PLAY Suitcase– Bugsy is the only one who will sit still for photos so I always have more photos of him. I have to sneak up on Dexter when he’s asleep and he STILL seems to know I have my camera. /sigh. Bugsy loves to rip things apart to get to the squeakers. This suitcase toy took a little longer than normal because of it’s material.
Orbee Planet Dog– This is a rubbery, bouncy ball. Because of it’s irregular shape it bounces all over the place and Bugsy LOVES it. This is the same brand as a Raspberry we received two years ago and he still loves and plays with that one, too. It might be our longest lasting toy.

Etta Says Duck Chew– I noticed that Barkbox has revamped their website a little and now (instead of accessories) it says that every box will have a chew. I’d rather have chews than accessories but I’m not a fan of these Etta sticks. They’re very crunchy and they make a mess. Crumbs get everywhere. Plus they’re gone in record time. I wish they sent bully sticks!

VERDICT: I love getting these boxes. Even at the monthly rate, I think they’re worth it. I’d spend as much anyway and I wouldn’t get such unique toys. The only flaws, I think, are that they don’t have a Tiny Dog box (under 10lbs) and they charge an extra $5 to ship to Hawaii and Alaska. Otherwise, they’ve provided HOURS of entertainment month after month and I’m always stocked up on healthy treats. My dogs are pretty smart (rat terriers) so I feel like the constant rotation of toys is good for their brains.

If you would like to sign up for Barkbox,  No coded needed!

I think these boxes are great for my small dogs. Do you have a bigger dog? What’s your experience with the toys and treats that come in the larger dog boxes?

As a TOTAL side note (not even related to Barkbox but to dogs), I just bought this  for Dexter because he has been inhaling his food and choking on it. IT’S AMAZING!! If you have a dog like that, this works better than anything I’ve ever tried (fancy bowls, balls inside, strange shapes, etc). It’s absolutely perfection. Both dogs have one now and they take ten minutes to eat and they have fun doing it!

I just wanted to mention it because I know it’s a common issue that dog parents struggle with. I can’t even tell you how happy I am with it. I was getting so worried about Dexter and now the problem is completely solved.