Box of Style by Rachel Zoe Winter 2016 Review and $20 Coupon

I love this box so much I got two. For gifting! Box of Style is one of my top five favorite boxes. The value is always incredible and there really aren’t that many “style” boxes out there that have the klout that Rachel Zoe does. Plus they always release the “hero” item in time for everyone to decide if that season’s box is going in a direction they would like. For the winter box, it is a Dylanlex Exclusive “Zoey” necklace that couldn’t be more my style. I love it.

When I saw the second spoiler, I decided to buy another box because it was shaping up to be fabulously giftable.

The Cost: $100/quarter

What You Get: At least five products worth over $300 in fashion, beauty and lifestyle carefully curated by Rachel Zoe and her team.

Dylanlex Exclusive “Zoey” Necklace- Swarovski crystals and glass stones antiqued silver-plated zinc. This is the most gorgeous thing I think I’ve ever owned. I have some very pretty statement necklaces but none quite as versatile as this. It is unbelievably beautiful! It looks so good tight as a choker but also looser as a more bib-like necklace. And it goes with basically everything except pajamas. Although, I did wear it with pj’s for quite awhile because I couldn’t stop loving it. It’s very sparkly but it’s not so over the top that you look like you put on your princess jewels with your jeans. Love. Absolutely stunning! And isn’t Jessica Alba adorable?
Value: $200

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream- Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream delivers an intense water drench with two forms of hyaluronic acid and tamarind extract, creating visibly hydrated and plumped skin. Papaya enzymes smooth and exfoliate while alpha-arbutin and giant white bird of paradise extracts work to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation and illuminate the complexion.
This actually has my name all over it. I like the ingredients a lot. I love the antioxidants and brightening capabilities, too. If only it wasn’t in a jar! I hate jars so much. Why? Because I hate dipping my finger in there and getting moisturizer under my nails. And no, I’m not nearly organized enough to ever use a spoon to get it out. Lazy=me. I might have to make an exception for this, though, because it seems like a fan favorite.
Value: $65

Soia & Kyo Olivia Cable-Knit Beanie- This is a 52% wool, 48% acrylic beanie type hat. I’ve been wearing a lot of this style because my hair has hit that middle stage in between a pixie and a bob. I watched the unboxing video and RZ suggested tucking any extra material in the back in between the fold. I don’t like floppy hats (she does) so I totally did that and it worked really well.
Value: $50

DL & Co. Custom Birch Candle- This is a scent created just for Rachel Zoe and Box of Style subscribers. She describes it as a sandalwoodsy and it is. Quite woodsy. Maybe a little cedary? I know it’s called Birch but what does a Birch smell like anyway? I thought it was really strange to get a D.L. & Co. candle in both Box of Style and Fabfitfun but the jars are different and I think this one is bigger. As a side note, I was a little grossed out by the fingerprints on the outside of the glass candle. Yuck. I mean, I know someone has to pack them but I don’t want to know about it.
Value: $50

Dagne Dover Custom Card Case- When I saw this, I was so happy. While we were traveling back home from New Zealand, we stopped in Hawaii. While we were there, I bought a Starbucks mug (I collect them). I had been using my adorable Maison Francais leather card holder to hold my ID and cards. But when we got home, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I called the airlines, I called the Honolulu airport, I called Sea-Tac and no one found it. Ever. While it was a big nuisance to cancel my cards and get a new license, I was more sad about losing that card pocket! This, however, is a good replacement! It’s navy blue pebbled leather and I love the envelope snap! It’s perfect for our trip to Amsterdam but this time I’m keeping my eyeball on it at all times!
It’s bigger than I was expecting. Definitely bigger than the Maison Francais pocket but that’s okay. It should work just fine, even better, because it has multiple card slots.
It’s made of embossed Leather with 14k goldplated zinc alloy hardware with two internal card slots and one external slot.
Value: $50

Clinique Berry Pop Lip Color + Primer- This is a rich, dark berry creme and it is gorrrrgeous! It’s definitely “my” color although RZ says everyone can wear it. If you were to look at my lipstick stash, you’d notice they all tend to revolve around shades like this one.
This lipstick has a smoothing primer in it that should last up to eight hours. It is silky smooth going on and I love the velvety finish. It also lasts forever.
Value: $24

Spotlight Product: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Fragrance- Every so often, there will be a bonus item included. This time it’s Juicy Couture perfume. I don’t particularly care for it but it’s good for gifting.

VERDICT: This box tops even the PSLE Holiday for Her box, that’s for sure. The value is insane and every item is SO easy to incorporate into daily life. I love that. Everything is ALSO very giftable. I can think of the perfect person on my list for every one of these things. Rachel Zoe knows what she’s doing. I love this box.

Guess what?! They’re still available!!! You can get your own Box of Style right here! Use code WINTER20 for $20 off!!! Valid: 12/1-12/25/16

How do you think the Box of Style boxes have been? I’ve enjoyed them for the most part. What I haven’t liked was easy to swap or gift which is nice. I do think they are well worth their cost.
Posted by saffy at 7:43 PM
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AmandaDecember 14, 2016 at 1:13 PM
I LOVE this box more than there are words!!! You are the reason I’m getting the Zoe Box of Style. 🙂 Your review of the first one with the great gold bracelet really inspired me. The bar bracelet would have been too small for me then, so I didn’t get the first but now, I’d give anything for that bracelet now!!! 🙂

I think the boxes have gotten more luxurious as time’s gone on, and that’s not usually the case. I have a budget right now regarding all my fun spending, and I chose the Winter BOS over any of the SE PSMH boxes… I could only get the one I wanted most, and this was it.

Like you, I LOVE the necklace. Oh, I love everything in Rachel’s boxes. I still can’t bring myself to open the clear sealed covers on the 2 special, original to HER notebooks she curated for one of the boxes about a year ago, LOL.
I am really happy this year to have one very luxe box with a few lesser priced ones- PSMH and Chococurb are my fave lower price point boxes, I think. 🙂
I really want the Cozy Reader box, and your reviews of it make it so warm and inviting, but it’s just out of reach at this point..

Oh, one tiny tip. I was tossing paper around looking for my Clinique lippie.
It’s very small and mine was hidden underneath the main box silver paper liner.
If anyone else can’t find theirs, it’s likely hiding as mine was. I am so happy with it that I won’t put it in the lipstick box with all my others.. Has to be the ” Rachel” factor because I was buying Clinique as a teenager- ha.

Merry Christmas, y’all.


saffyDecember 14, 2016 at 2:27 PM
So glad you enjoyed it, too! And I did have to fish for the Clinique lipstick. It seemed smaller than I’m used to but I haven’t purchased any Clinique since I started getting subscription boxes. 😀


AmandaDecember 14, 2016 at 1:30 PM
PS- I am picturing that big blingy necklace with PJs. 🙂 I bet you had fun.. Me? It would get caught in my hair during the night, and pull more out, I’m sure. I got my box with the $20 discount, so it shipped later. I just got it this week. How on earth can they sell these new, high quality products for $80? BEST VALUE of any luxe box, IMO. 🙂
Juicy Couture perfume gives me a headache- but I consider it to be an extra anyway. Glad for those who like it or will gift it.. like maybe to the mail delivery lady? Ha.