TeeBlox September 2016 Subscription Review and Coupon

While my husband likes to dress up and tie fancy knots in his neckwear, he also has a penchant for nerdy tshirts. Anything with old video games or favorite TV shows like Futurama or Rick and Morty, Star Wars or Deadpool will make him happy. Before TeeBlox, I subscribed to some of the geek boxes out there like Nerd Block and Loot Crate, mainly for the tshirts. The extra bits tended to gather dust or be tossed out as useless.

TeeBlox is much more affordable and sends exactly what I want. One fun tshirt a month. Plus they’re licensed, not mashups.
What You Get: One 100% authentic licensed geek and gamer shirt delivered to your door every month. You’ll also get two extra goodies that could be socks, coasters, posters, comic books, decals, stickers, etc.
Once you start the process, you’ll get to choose your genre. These categories have been in flux as the subscription has fleshed out but here’s what they are currently. We were getting the Hot Meex which is some of everything but my husband switched to the Star Wars (a limited edition category) and I get the Sci-Fi version.
Here is the tshirt Walker received this month. He loves it because who wouldn’t?!
It’s licensed and made in Honduras.
If you want an idea of what I got in the Sci-Fi version, here it is. We have two subscriptions, one for me and one for Walker. You’ll only get one shirt per subscription.
You’ll also get some extra goodies. I think every shipment has had a comic book of some kind. Most of them I’ve never heard of. Not that it means much because I don’t read comics. With the price increase, they were saying you’d get better extras but I haven’t really noticed that happening yet. It could very well be because I’m still grandfathered in at the old price so you may get something better.

VERDICT:  We love TeeBlox. It really is exactly what I wanted from a nerdy type subscription. The shirts have all been nice and made well. One shirt I got from Loot Crate had the print on crooked once. That has never happened with the shirts from TeeBlox. They vary in thickness depending on the company. We’ve had a couple thin ones and some really heavy duty ones but they mostly tend to be medium weight. Teeblox did raise their prices by $2 recently. They did that in order to include better extras. I only care about the tshirt, though, and still feel it’s worth it.