Wantable Intimates January 2016 Review

I really like Wantable Intimates. I love the customization and I love the ease of the whole transaction. The profile system is great, you can modify your subscriptions right from your account and returning the whole box or items for a refund is absolutely painless.

Of course,  I also like what they send! So far everything has been of good quality and worth the intial cost of the subscription. Plus it means I don’t have to go shopping for pj’s.

The Cost: $50/first month, $46 thereafter

What You Get: Three to four premium intimate essentials based solely on your profile preferences.

Lucky Brand Leggings– I am HOOKED on leggings! I don’t know why since I never have been at any other point in my life. Even when they were stirrup pants and all the rage in the 80’s. Maybe in my old age tunics and leggings have become… well, I admit it. They’ve become my loungewear of choice. These are ridiculously patterned and I don’t even care. They’re comfy!
Value: $24

Rene Rofe Around the World Bikini Undies– I think I’m going to swap my profile around for no more underwear. I like getting other things way more. What if they sent me TWO pairs of leggings?! /swoon
Value: $12

Daisy Sleep Shirt in Geo– The camera hated this pattern so much! They sent me a medium but a Small would have been fine. This thing is gigantic and it’s made of that stretchy material so if you want to sit with your knees up, you could stretch it right over your knees and down to your toes. Since I sleep hot, this is perfect. Albeit kinda boring.
Value: $30

VERDICT: Wantable Intimates raised it’s prices recently and I wish they hadn’t. I’m luckily grandfathered in at the old price until I unsub but $50 for $60 worth of loungewear isn’t exactly a rockin’ deal. Not like it used to be anyway. Still it’s fun for me and I hate shopping so this makes getting new, unraggedy stuff pretty easy.
However, I think the better value may be in the Accessories subscription which is still $40/$36 and sends such good stuff. I might have to swap out Intimates for a month or two and get Accessories instead. I’ve *loved* my Accessories boxes from Wantable.
They also have Makeup, too, and you get full size makeup products. I’ve never gotten that one because I get enough makeup elsewhere.

If you would like to sign up for Wantable (any of the Collections), you can do that right here. They don’t usually have coupons but if you sign up, get a box then unsubscribe, they will try to woo you back with 10% off (or maybe even 40% sometimes!). I always cave for the 40% emails.

What do you think of Wantable? I’ve always been happy with it because their customer service is SO GOOD if anything goes wrong. Plus free shipping on returns is also pretty sweet.