Avalai “Time of the Month” Canadian Subscription Box Review

Avalai is a Canadian subscription box that provides all the necessities during that time of the month. You can get it in other parts of the world but the shipping is prohibitive. This box takes care of everything! Fill out your profile, indicate any allergies and your chocolate preferences. Then you’ll receive a box of everything you could possibly need. Including chocolate!

Here’s what makes me happy about this. Opening up this box and finding all sorts of goodies makes me happy. Not having to run out for a new box of “unmentionables” is pretty awesome. They send a lot of product, too, so you’re not going to run out anytime soon.

I’ve reviewed Avalai before but it seems like they’ve done some big changes since then.

The Cost: $34.95/month plus $3 shipping (in Canadian dollars)

What You Get: You’ll be sent a customized selection of pads, tampons, gourmet chocolate, tea, pain relievers, bath and body products and other treats all in the same discreetly packaged box. Your first month, you will receive a one-time gift of an Avalai carry pouch in a pink and white chevron print.

I’m starting off with the carry pouch. This is made specially for Avalai and is for toting your tampons in style. Or you know… whatever else. Here’s what it looks like open:

It’s sort of like an evelope with a fold over flap and it closes with a velcro tab. It’s pretty cute and if you’re getting this for a young girl, she’ll probably love it.

On to the tasties! While I’m not a huge chocolate fan, there comes a point during the month where I want it. Along with anything horribly sweet and overly salty. These definitely hit that sweetness spot. The Squish jelly candies were so good! Then there Demerara Butter Crunch (three of them!) and three Lindor truffles. All that goodness! And right on time.

The Necessities! Avalai uses Always pads and Tampax or ob tampons. These will come loose but packaged in an organza bag. The pantiliners included were sealed in a small, factory sealed pouch which I opened for the photograph. You can request any combination you’d like in the comments section when you sign up. So if you think tampons are a fate worse than death, just say so and you won’t get any.

Goodies! Every box will have a package of Cottenelle cloths. I frigging love these things (tmi?) and the travel packs are something I hoard. I’m taking them to Ireland with me. If you’ve never used such a thing… get on it.
There will always be a bath/body care item and this month it’s a Wintervention Repair and Protect Soap Round by Wild Prairie Soap Company. It’s wonderfully lavendary with oatmeal. It’s potently lavendar, too. Man, I hate my allergies.

Tea! No TOM box would ever be complete without tea. At least in my case. And especially peppermint tea. Peppermint tea works like a charm for cramps. Not when they’re super bad (then I’m pounding Advil, curled in a ball in bed) but when they’re at “upset stomach” level. I also love the warmth.
Also included is a giant snowflake gingerbread cookie. It was kind of dry but tasty. I appreciate the nod to the season, as well.

VERDICT: I am a big fan of these types of boxes. I mean, periods are inevitable. Might as well make them a little more fun by getting a box of goodies tailored to it. No more hunting under the sink or digging through drawers, hoping there’s a stray pad or tampon when you’re unprepared. No sending your significant other to the store for Always Ultra Thins and having him come home with Stayfree jumbos as long as your arm. Nope. You’ll always have plenty around. Plus snacks of all kinds and tea. Basically, I’m saying sooner or later, you need to try a box like this. And when you do, you’ll love it.

If you live in Canada and you would like to sign up for Avalai, you can do that here. Otherwise sign up for emails and get in on any sales they’ll be having.

What do you think of this subscription? If you get one like this already, which one do you get? I’m always looking for the perfect thing. 😀 This box was sent for review purposes and since I’m in the US, I can’t really subscribe. I still have plenty of opinions on the matter, though. Seriously, try one sometime.