Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’Up November 2015 Review

Paper Pumpkin has been way too fun. This month they’ve sent everything you need to make two different holiday cards. While I celebrate Christmas and would have liked a Merry Christmas stamp or two, I realize they have to be somewhat generic. Either way, the cards are SO cute and I love that there’s so many stamps included this month.

The Cost: $19.99/monthWhat You Get: Each month a fully designed project kit will arrive at your door with stamps, ink, and paper—everything cut and ready to go.
When I say Paper Pumpkin includes everything you need, I mean it. The first month you are subscribed, you’ll receive an acrylic block that is for using with the clear photopolymer stamps. Take the stamp you want to use off of the plastic, stick it on the block, dab it in the ink and stamp away! It’s definitely handy and it saves on space big time to have the stamps be so flat and just on plastic.
There are two holiday card projects, one is with mistletoe and the other with holly. There is a little overlap where both cards use the same materials but it’s mainly with twine and sticky dots. The instructions are both written and in photos which makes it easy to figure out how to do what. Sometimes they include tips on how to accomplish part of the task most efficiently.
The best part of the box is the actual stamps!! There are three sayings, a holly leaf and two word squares. Interestingly enough, the stamp set allows for some variation since the directions only specify using the “happy holidays” and the “seasons greetings.” I *love* that they include extras. Love it! Oh, and then there’s a little ink pad called a “Stampin’ Spot.” This color is Cranberry. I’m getting quite a collection of colors now. Seriously. This is so fun.
This is to show you that you don’t need scissors! Everything is basically a punch out. I whole heartedly approve of this. Oh, and please notice the super cute envelopes! I love the stripes on the inside!
This is me halfway through making the Happy Holidays card. Here’s everything I used to make it. The one thing that it doesn’t include is glue or a glue stick but you can use the sticky dots if you want. There’s always enough.

When you are done with your cards, you can store all your extras (and the cards) back in the box. It’s even labeled so you’ll know what’s in it if you store them on a shelf with the spine out! I haven’t gotten to that point yet. I don’t quite have enough to justify that.
VERDICT: I adore this Paper Pumpkin subscription! Love it! I think I need to find more subscriptions like this. I don’t always send the cards right away (although I will be using all of this months as my regular Christmas cards) but they’re always useful. Plus I love getting all the stamps because then I can mix and match and play around with what I want my cards to say. And I can stamp them on gift tags and things like that. This is a really good and inexpensive way to flesh out a stamp collection, too. Stamps aren’t cheap and with Paper Pumpkin, you get all the extra bits besides the stamps to create.
If you would like to sign up for Paper Pumpkin, you can do that here. It’s part of Stampin’ Up which I think is one of those businesses that has house parties with a hostess. Is there a word for that? Anyway, you don’t have to pick a demonstrator when you’re signing up so don’t worry.
What do you think of Paper Pumpkin? And do you know of any other subscriptions like this? Maybe for planners?