Candy Box Mini November 2015 Snack Subscription Box Review and Groupon Offer

Candy Box sends an assortment of hard, soft and chocolate candies to your door every month. There are two sizes of box, Mini and Large. This review is for the Mini box. Since I love candy, I decided to check out this box when I saw the deal on Groupon. I got a three month Mini subscription for $27.

The Cost: $20/month for Mini, $40/month for Large

What You Get: 7-12 candies of all kinds in the Mini Box, 15-20 candies of all kinds in the Large.

Mike and Ikes Original Fruit Candies– Tasty! I hadn’t had them in ages (maybe decades) so it was fun to re-try them.

Airheads in Pink Lemonade– Also tasty, though Airheads arent my favorite.

Zotz in Blue Raspberry– Okay. I *love* Zotz. I used to eat these when I was a kid and then they disappeared. I only JUST rediscovered them a year ago when I found them at Bartell Drugs. I’ve never had the blue raspberry but they were quite good. I love them because they’re sour and sour is my favorite candy taste. 😀

Necco Candy Buttons– Yuck. Or actually, I remember them tasting like yuck.

Nerds Watermelon Apple/Cherry Lemonade– Yum, Nerds! Good flavors, too. It’s weird to get them two months in a row, though.

Candy Necklace– This is so going in my niece’s stocking.

Sixlets– I actually like Sixlets! They were one of the candies our mom would let us eat when we were little.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate– I don’t like milk chocolate so this will go in a stocking as well. Or maybe to make some kind of dessert.

eFrutti Hot Dog– Well, since I got the pizza last month and now am getting a hot dog, I can put one in each of the kids’ stockings.

Skittles– Mine. Especially the orange and green ones.

Pelon Pele Rico– I don’t actually know what this is. I think there might be some kind of jelly inside that you squeeze up? In any case, the flavor is “tamarindo” so I’m not touching it.

VERDICT: Even though I love candy, I’m not seeing the value in this subscription. At the original price of $20, it’s just a waste of money. You can get more with $20 by walking to the store and scoping out the candy aisle. The Groupon price is acceptable but even then, it’s still not a deal. It’s basically paying for candy you didn’t get to choose. Harsh of me, I know but really. I just cannot see how anyone would be happy paying $20 for this.

You can sign up here on their website but I recommend snagging the Groupon Deal right here if you really want to try it. I mean, candy is delicious, sooo…. 😀

Am I the only one that thinks the regular price is outrageous?!