Barkbox Allergy Friendly Small Dog November 2015 Review and Free Box Offer

Barkbox has Allergy Friendly box option for dogs allergic to things like corn, soy, wheat, chicken, beef and turkey. This works for me because Dexter is allergic to chicken and I appreciate getting treats without chicken. It’s not customizable in any other way so if you’re dealing with an odd allergy (say… rosemary or something), this isn’t going to help you.

I like Barkbox because they have a nice variety of toys and treats each month. Usually two of each and then one odd item that could be either a toy or a treat or some kind of accessory.

This month every product in the (regular) box is by a company that gives back to shelters and rescues. I love that they focus their Thanksgiving box on taking care of dogs! I always give my extra, unused toys to a shelter near my home. This box actually includes one that will be heading that way with my next trip.

The Cost: $29/month. Get one free month added to your subscription with my referral link.

What You Get: Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets! If you’re getting the Allergy Friendly box, your box will be free of wheat, corn, soy, beef, chicken and turkey products.

Dog for Dog Dogstreat with Duck– These are little round treats made with duck. Duck is a protein we rely on a lot in my house and it goes over really well. These are a little too crumbly and soft to go in a pocket but they are a good size for training. Dog for Dog donates an equal amount of dog food for all of the dog treats they sell to shelters (although I couldn’t find a list of who they donate to).
Value: $7.99

Holiday Hamwich Honey Baked Ham Treats– These are heart shaped and remind me big time of Bocce’s Bakery (which is also Barkbox approved) but it looks like these are made by Lucky Pets in the USA. I only ever want USA made treats. These have chickpea flour, pork, honey, tapioca flour and cloves to suit all tummies.
Value: $6.99?

Barkbox 100% Pig Ear– I don’t know if my boys have ever had a pig ear. I know they’ve done cow and Dexter is a big fan whereas Bugsy can take it or leave it. We’ll see how this goes.
Value: $1?

Zee-dog Squash– This squash is meant to hide treats and bounce crazily but it’s too big for my boys. Or rather, it’s too heavy. Rubbery toys are always hard, especially with dogs under 20lbs. My boys are about 17lbs and this just… If I threw it and accidentally hit the dog, it would hurt! I don’t want that to happen. Bugsy only wanted it so he could rip the tag out. Hah.
Value: $9

Peas in a Pod– This peapod with three little peas inside was the BEST toy! Bugsy is my rat terrier with prey drive and he LOVES to chase things. He will beg and cry to have his toy thrown for houuuuurrrrssssss. At night, in bed, he will drop his ball in our faces or into our hands, begging for us to throw, throw, throw. What is it with November and awesome toys? Last November we got a cornucopia filled with little fruits. Bugsy loved those so much I had to buy more. And then another one. Aaand another one after that. All from the Barkbox shop. These three little peas have kept him so busy. His goal is to have them all in his mouth at once and they just don’t quite make it. He hasn’t given up yet, though. This toy is a big win.
Value: $8?

VERDICT: I love Barkbox because they send toys that I either never would find on my own or would never even think to purchase if I did see them. Not only do my dogs have a huuuuuge toy horizon, thanks to Barkbox, but Bugsy has excelled in learning the names of all his toys. And he has a LOT of toys. I’m also always stocked up on healthy, made in the USA treats. I never have to make a trip to the store for training treats or to replace toys. To me, that’s the biggest thing. Barkbox saves me time and car trips. Dog boxes tend to value out at what you’ve paid, sometimes a little more so this box is right on target.

If you would like to sign up for Barkbox, you can get a free box added to your subscription with this referral link. That means if you buy one month, you’ll get two or if you buy six months, you’ll get a 7th one added on at the end. You won’t get two boxes in one month.

What do you think of Barkbox? There’s a lot of dog boxes out there but I think Barkbox continues to hover at the top of my list.