Tea Box Express Monthly Tea Subscription Review and 20% Off Coupon Code

Tea Box Express is a monthly subscription that sends you a high quality tea plus accessories and treats. This review is for the September 2015 box with an “Apple Harvest” theme. Since Fall is my favorite teatime of the year, I’ve settled down in front of my computer, writing this up while enjoying the tea that arrived.

I’m not what I would call a tea connoisseur. I’m what I would call a tea-lover. I love tea. I love the whole comfort aspect of it, the ritual of it, the atmosphere it provides. For me, there is literally nothing better than being curled up on the couch with a big blankie, my dogs, a good book and a huge mug of tea. Okay, a few things might be better, like winning a million dollars or getting an all expenses paid European vacation but those have never happened so I go with what I know. 😀

What You Get: Each box contains quality brand-name loose leaf tea and three or four fun “tea-things” to enjoy with your tea.

 This is a delicious black tea. It has cinnamon chips and apple pieces in it and it is warm and tips my comfort scale. I did add a little honey for some sweetness. The scent of the tea in my mug just screams autumn nights by the fire. *finds happy place.*

Value: $8

I wasn’t too sure about this at first but o.m.g. Crazy yummy! How come this isn’t a thing? It’s got spiced apple cider syrup drizzled all over it and there are apple and walnut pieces mixed in with the popcorn. Perfect snack? Yes.
Value: $6

Only three! It’s a tragedy! These caramels are my favorite “squishy but not too squishy” texture and they taste wonderful. They’re pretty big pieces but they’re not going to last long. 😀
Value: $2

Buttery shortbread cookie infused with rich caramel and sprinkled with sea salt. Oo. Ooooo. Yeah, I’m glad there are only 3 because if there were more I would eat those, too. I love the crystallized, crunchy coating on the top and the shortbread is perfection!
Value: $4

A stainless steel infuser for loose tea. It has a silicon floppy leaf that holds it in place. It works really well for me and my big mugs because it holds enough for the whole 20oz and it’s not jiggling around in my cup. I hate that kind. I’ve been needing a new one anyway and this is perfect!

Value: $13

VERDICT: As a tea-lover, I think is a LOT of fun. I loved getting a new tea and finding a new tea brand to love. I think the snacks and accessory included were perfect, especially for this time of year. As for value, this is a specialty box and you can expect to get what you pay for but it won’t be an excessive value. It’s on the expensive side but good tea usually is. The nice thing is that you can order a monthly subscription or you can buy a one time box as a gift for a friend. And if you have a friend who loves tea, trust me, this will make that friend very happy and they might possibly love you even more than they did before. Also, holidays… Just sayin’.

If you would like to sign up for Tea Box Express,Use code  to get 20% off your first box!

What do you think of Tea Box Express? And if you have a favorite tea, tell me so I can increase my tea stash to yet another shelf.