Snakku October 2015 Artisan Japanese Snack Subscription Review plus Coupon Code

Snakku is a Japanese snack box for those who want more than just fun candies. You’ll receive exclusive products and snacks brought directly from Japan made by Japanese artisans who have been making treats for generations. It’s a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Every Snakku box is carefully wrapped in a furoshiki cloth. If you are a monthly subscriber, you’ll receive a paper cloth one like this but if you subscribe for three months or more, you will receive an authentic furoshiki with your boxes.
Slide the box open and you’ll find the information card explaining the theme for the month and describing each of the delicious snacks included.
This month the theme is “Snacks from Hokkaido.” Hokkaido is the northern most island in Japan and is nown for it’s dairy, sugar and wheat products. The soil is rich, the climate is cool and there’s plenty of clean water. The capital of this island is Sapporo. Sapporo is the sister city to Portland, Oregon here in the US.
I feel like Snakku is the Japanese treat box for the true connoisseur. You’ll receive authentic snacks, procured by Snakku directly from small and specialty companies in Japan. In a nod to more popular snacks, you’ll also receive some more mainstream snacks but for the most part, you’re not going to find these anywhere except a family owned shop in Japan.

The Cost: $38.95/month

What You Get: Get a collection of ten to fifteen hand-picked snacks that you can only find in Japan,
along with a selection of familiar & delicious Japanese snacks delivered every month.

Shiroi Koibito– This is one of Hokkaido’s award winning cookies. It has a slab of white chocolate sandwiched between two butter cookies. These are so delicious and they basically melt in your mouth. Wonderful!

Yakitoukibi– I love this. This might be my most favorite snack in the whole box. It’s made with grilled sweet corn and rice crackers. They’re glazed with soy sauce and have the best salty but sort of sweet flavor ever.

Kinotoya Milk Cookies– These are produced at the Sapporo Agricultural College! They’re made with 100% natural ingredients and organic milk. This cookie has won international awards three years in a row! They seem like a basic butter cookie to me but definitely tasty.

Nothern Sable Eggs– These are sweet cookies made with free range eggs. They are addictive. I’ve already eaten two of them over the weekend and the last one is looking at me… 😀
Pota Pota Yaki– These are grilled rice crackers (senbei) with a sugar soy sauce glaze. While that sounds somewhat off-putting, these are very good. It’s not as salty as I was expecting.

Bourbon Lubera– These are typically called “langues de chat” cookies, although these are cigar shaped instead of the typical flat cookie. If you’ve had Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, the cookie parts are “langues de chat” (cat’s tongue). These, however, are leaps and bounds better than Milano cookies. Why? These are made with real butter, eggs and sugar. Nothing artificial. And let me say that these crispy, delicate cookies are positively redolent with buttery goodness. Wow. Yummmm.

Kinoko no Yama– Mushroom shaped cookies with chocolate caps. These are actually favorites in this house. Everyone loves these and eats them by the handful. We have a few stores in the area that carry these which is nice.
Pucho Cola Candy– One of my all time favorite flavors of Japanese candy is Cola. We just don’t have it here and I wish we did. I think the only thing we have that comes close are the gummy cola bottles and those are not all made equal. I like Pucho, especially the Cola flavor but I think my favorites are the Cola flavored Hi-Chew. I had to buy those off of Ebay, though. They don’t make them for the American market.
Sapporo Curry Senbei– All of the ingredients and spices for this curry rice cracker are locally source. They’re made in collaboration with a famous curry restaurant in Sapporo. They are definitely full of umami. These have a wonderful flavor and a little heat. Since there were two bags, I shared with my husband and we both happily chomped our way through our bags. They’re really, really addicting. The flavor is excellent.
VERDICT: Snakku does a wonderful job finding unique, authentic treats and presenting them in a beautiful, thoughtful manner. It’s a truly wonderful gift if you know someone who is a Japanese snack aficionado. It’s pricey but it’s definitely worth it to get a well-curated box of products you really can’t find other places. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try treats and snacks from family owned shops that have been making the same thing for 100 years and don’t usually ship outside their area of influence. With that being said I do wish that this box had one more treat and a few more multiples because the value seems a little low this month.
If you would like to sign up for Snakku, you can do that right here. Use code bitsandboxes to get 5% off any length subscription.
What do you think of Snakku? I feel like it’s one of those boxes you treat yourself to on occasion just get some of that goodness without breaking the bank.