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Universal Yums September 2015 “Colombia” Snack Box Review

Universal Yums is a fun snack subscription that sends a box full of sweet and savory treats from a specific country each month. For the month of September, the country represented is Columbia! This review is for the Yum box but they also have a huge box with tons of snacks called the Yum Yum box.

This months box came with nine types of treats. And there’s plenty of crunchy goodness to keep me happy, too. I always appreciate a good mix of savory and sweet treats and snacks.

Each box comes with an information card. It’s actually a fun card because it has trivia questions about the destination, little facts and best of all… Descriptions of the product included!

The Cost: $25/month for the deluxe Yum Yum box .$13/month for the regular Yum box. This review is for the Yum Box.

What You Get: The deluxe Yum Yum box contains 13 or more snacks and the regular Yum box contains 6 or more snacks.  Each box will have a mix of salty, sweet, spicy and more to suit every taste and tastebud.

Maduritos Sweet Plantains– These are sweet but they have a weird taste. I’m pretty sure it’s just the plantain taste but it’s not my favorite. My husband liked them, though.

Yellow Marbles– I was expecting these to be like those Planters Cheez-Balls that they don’t make anymore but they’re not. These are like Cheez-its in a round, air-filled ball shape. Except not as good.

Tocineta Limon– Okay, these were… the best thing ever. I ate them all. And then I hunted all over the internet to figure out how to buy more. One exorbitant shipping cost later, I have some coming to me! I love anything lime flavored. Or lemon, whatever. But pretty much any snack with lime all over it? Gimme!

Bon Bon Bum Lollipops– Yay, candy!! I thought the name was a little funny but the info card explains that “bum” is “boom” in Spanish. These are made by Columbina which is the largest candy maker in Colombia. I learned that from my 30 Days of Candy subscription. These are so cute, I wish I’d taken a picture of them unwrapped. They are colored to look like the fruits, right down to the watermelon seeds.

Supercoco– I was really offput by the color and smell of these candies. I was going to toss them without trying them until I read in the info card that they’re made out of coconut. They stick in your teeth but taste just like real coconut. Yummy.

Coffee Delight– These are chewy! I was not expecting that. It tastes like a caramel macchiato. It’s not bad but I almost wish they were a hard candy instead of chewy.

Nutty Spread– This is a chocolate and hazelnut spread. Sort of like Nutella but the flavors are separated. I’m not a big fan of hazelnuts (and therefore Nutella) so I can’t say if this is truly tasty or not. It’s sweet, though.

Castipan Veleno– This is made from guava paste. What is that?! Sugar and guava pulp together in a grainy, chewy paste. This particular one has mango in it. It’s… interesting. Not my favorite. It doesn’t taste terrible but the texture is too weird.

Jet Wafer– These are a popular chocolate snack in Columbia and other parts of the world. It’s a wafer cookie coated in chocolate. It’s pretty tasty, I can’t lie. I already ate half of it.

VERDICT: Universal Yums put together an interesting box of both savory and sweet items. I really like that. I don’t like a box to be only crunchy, salty treats or only chocolately, sugary ones. I find Universal Yums does a great job of finding the right mix. Since the countries are different each month, you get a pretty good variety of new things. Another thing I like is that they include an information card that tells you what the candy is, what it’s made of and how it can taste. I find it very comforting to know what I’m eating before I stick it in my mouth. Not all snack subscriptions do this and with international snacks, I think it’s just essential.

If you would like to sign up for Universal Yums, you can do that right here. Next month’s hint sounds like October is going to be Netherlands! Also, Universal Yums now ships to Canada!

What do you think of Universal Yums? I’ve been pretty happy with the boxes I’ve received and I think the price is reasonable.