Popsugar Must Have September 2015 Subscription Box Review and Coupon Codes

is at the tippity top of my Favorites List right now. The contents are always fun and useful and the value tends to be exceptional. While I like getting beauty products, I love getting items for the home and occasional jewelry.

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get:Ā Full size, premium products dealing with Home, Fashion, Fitness, Beauty and Food!

This kit contains professional tweezers, easy-to-use stencils to customize your brow shape, conditioning wax, powder and brow brush tools. You do not even know how close I came to ordering another box just so I could have two of these. To share, of course! Maybe. I didn’t though. Anyway! I tried this brow kit with the stencils and everything. It made me sad that my eyebrows are so short! I had to paint in the ends with the brow color. Sad.

So here’s me with one eyebrow done and one not. Obviously. My “done” eyebrow is very dramatic, especially compared to regular. I kinda like it, though. Those stencils are pretty awesome. The only not-awesome thing about this is the tweezers. They’re terrible. And you need major strength to squeeze them! I need to swap them out with my Tweezermans. Sheesh. Another thing I noticed was that the setting wax (at least the way I applied it- and I’m NOT an expert) smeared the brow color. Hm. I must obviously play more with this kit.
Haha! My husband just got home and said he liked my eyebrows. And that he likes them “square like that.” I can’t believe he noticed so immediately. What a good husband! šŸ˜€
Value: $39.99

This is a clear plastic cosmetics bag, a lingerie bag and a shoe bag. Well the lingerie bag and the shoe bag are exactly the same except for the tags declaring what they are so you could technically just use them for whatever you want. I’m game. We travel fairly regularly and I think I’ll make both of these shoe bags. I hate thinking about the bottoms of my shoes touching my clothes.
Value: $42

An ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioning spray fortified with nourishing rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. Briogeo has a cult following that I am not a part of. But only because I’m not big on hair product. I have two leave in’s that I like and I stick with those. One is my Birchbox Beauty Protector and the other is John Frieda Frizz-Ease (or something like that). I’m easy like that.
Value: $20
A luxe vitamin E oil treatment that promotes strong and healthy nails. I have an overflow of cuticle oil right now. I got a bunch in my SoSusan bag plus the ones I’ve already collected. And I still forget to use them. /sigh I better get on it. My gardening has not been kind to my sad cuticles.
Value: $18

Sweet-and-sour cherries mix with whole roasted almonds. These will definitely get eaten. The only thing better than almonds and cherries is almonds, cherries and chocolate and I’m pretty sure I can work that out. Yum!
Value: $2

Popsugar also included two $10 unique codes to give to friends and family so they can get their first Popsugar box for $10 off! That’s pretty sweet!

Cut from recycled brass, plated in 14k gold with a sterling silver post. These are super cute but I would never wear them. They’re not my style. They’re super cute though.
Value: $35

VERDICT: Popsugar just knows how to make me happy. Plus getting a TooFaced palette makes every day better. I can’t wait to have perfect brows in selfies. Without the Beauty Face on that makes everyone look better than usual. šŸ˜‰ One of the best things about Popsugar is that even when they send things I don’t like or won’t use, they’re of a good enough quality that they can become gifts. Or part of gifts, whatever the case may be. I can’t get enough Popsugar. I love them.

If you would like to sign up for Popsugar Must Have. You have a couple options coupon code-wise. You can useĀ and get $5 off your box OR you can get a free BaubleBar Arrow necklace added to your first box with codeĀ . The Baublebar code expires end of day Friday the 18th (I think). It might be Saturday. I’m not sure when the 2 days started.

In either case, if you useĀ made sure to activate it because you will receive $3 cashback! So you can either save $3 and get a necklace or you can save $8 on your first box.