Nerd Block Arcade Block August 2015 Subscription Box Review, September Spoiler and Coupon Code

I’m not sure why the August 2015 took so long to get here. Since it’s well into September, it seems strange. I think I prefer the Arcade Block over the Classic Block because I’m really more into games than I am other things like tv shows or movies. Although Firefly isn’t a game and I would love to get AllTheFirefly!

It’s so hard! I think this is one of the most expensive gamer/geek boxes but next months Arcade Block has Zelda in it!! I wasn’t planning on getting Septembers block but it looks like I am now. The Legend of Zelda is like a cornerstone of my existence! Ok, not really but if you’re as old as me, you know how awesome Zelda was when it came out. Good times (and not a lot of sleep).

The Cost: $29.95/month

What You Get: A monthly mystery package delivered right to your door filled with nerdy apparel, toys, and collectibles! Every Nerd Block comes with a custom t-shirt (in your size) and 4-6 epic items for you to tear into!

ShirtPunch T-Shirt Counter-Strike– I got this in a Womens size hoping for something awesomely gamery. Well, it’s Counter Strike, which I think I’ve seen ever single game although I haven’t played it. Eh, it fits and I’ll wear it. Just to find out if it sparks any conversation. Or someone who gets Nerd Block will recognize it. I always hope for that day. 😀
Value: $14.99

Terrycloth Wristband– I haven’t played RockBand in awhile. When it first came out we had huge parties and everyone got a chance to play. We did get Rockband2 but by then the novelty had worn off. Still, it’s pretty awesome and definitely gets a lot of people involved. Even non-gamers, which made it nice.
Value: $2

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Original Videogame Soundtrack– I thought this was the actual game for a minute and was thrilled. Aaand surprised that it was on a CD. My, how times have changed. Oregon Trail was on a huge floppy disk! Now it’s basically Steam or bust! At least in my house. Which reminds me… I need to finish up a couple games. Ugh, and I got addicted to Starbound. Someone slap me!
This is an exclusive edition by Anamanaguchi and melds old school chip tunes with rock sounds.
Value: $10

Boston Vault Dwellers Pennant– This is another exclusive. Do you KNOW how hard I want to get that Fallout 4 limited Edition?! I’m terrified I’m going to miss out or they’ll release it and I won’t know. DH loves Fallout and I’ve watched him play pretty much most of them. I get so motion sick when it comes to playing over-the-shoulder or first person views so I can’t play them myself without getting ridiculously sick. And trust me, it sucks. I like the story so I watch DH play (and close my eyes when the camera swings too wildly).
When Fallout 4 is released nothing is going to get done.
Value: $8

Retro Gaming Videogame Magazine–  This is a fun inclusion. It’s glossy and has nice thick pages. It has some interviews and a bunch about games.
BTW if you’re playing Metal Gear Solid 5, don’t take Quiet with you on mission 27 or 42. Apparently it induces a bug that causes all your saves to be lost forever. Ugh. I hope they fix that.

You get Sub Zero or Scorpion. Sub Zero was my main guy so I wish we’d gotten him but it doesn’t matter. This went up on our “Shelves of Awesome” that are getting filled with collectibles pretty rapidly now.
Value: $15

VERDICT: A decent block! The pennant is the best part (for me, anyway). I wish the t-shirt wasn’t so ugly and the silkscreen is not centered properly so that’s annoying. DH is happy about the soundtrack (and the prospect of me wearing the shirt) and the magazine is now bathroom reading material. TMI? Oh, and Scorpion is pretty awesome. Can’t forget that!

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Remember, Septembers Arcade Block will have Legend of Zelda items in it! Use to get 25% off, use to get 10% off if those won’t work for you OR you can also get a free Welcome Box by using the pop up on their website. Getting a Welcome Box means you can’t use a code.

Nerd Block ships worldwide for a fee.

Do you have a favorite geek/gamer box? I like the ones that come with t-shirts the best.