GeekFuel September 2015 Gamer Subscription Box Review

Geekfuel is one of my newest favorite boxes that cater to the geeky gamer crowd. I definitely lump myself in the group since I’ve been playing games since Wolfenstein, had an obession with WoW (yes, I admit it) that lasted years and have probably played more MMORPGs than the average human. Including Vanguard. And Pirates of the Burning Sea (which I rage-quit when someone sank my favorite ship and stole all my iron ore).

Geekfuel doesn’t typically have a theme which is fine with me because… well, give me all the geek! This month the spoiler was that there would be something Bob’s Burgers related in it. While I don’t like Bob’s Burgers, my husband does.

The Cost: $23.90/month (that’s including the shipping!)

What You Get: Every box will include a t-shirt, a full game and over $50 worth of awesome geeky goodies to appease the gamer at heart.
Every GeekFuel box comes with a mini mag with explanations of what’s included, interviews, etc.

Ares 3 Mission Button– I believe this has to do with the new Matt Damon movie called The Martian but it’s also a book. The title character gets stuck on Mars when his fellow astronauts think he’s dead and leave without him. This kind of doodad is typical filler for most gamer boxes.
Bob’s Burgers Comic Book with Exclusive GeekFuel Cover– This is a variant cover drawn by Sara Richards and includes the GeekFuel mascot robot. I’m not big into comics now although I used to be when I was a kid. I haven’t shown this box to DH yet so we’ll see what he thinks in a bit. Personally, I absolutely cannot get over the fact that Archer is a burger flipper. No. Just no. Archer is way too cool for that kind of thing.
Value: $5
Doctor Who Ice Cube Tray– So, am I less geeky because I haven’t seen this show? I don’t watch a whole lot of TV (make that literally none except for NCIS on Prime). DH was watching ten thousand episodes in a row a few weeks ago so I heard a lot of it though I didn’t see it. If you saw my freezer, you’d know there was no way I will be able to get this ice cube tray in. 😀
Value: $5
Roche Fusion Download– This is an arcade style space shooter. I like that Geekfuel includes a game every month. It gets an 85/100 on Metacritic which is nice! I know someone who would love this even more than I would so I think I’ll have to gift it. I wonder if I can gift a code on Steam. I never tried that. Hm. Oops, never mind. Apparently my husband wanted it! He went in to a long discussion about Asteroid and his super high scores back in the day…
Value: $12
Nailed It! Nail Wraps– I nearly fell out of my chair when I found this in the box. I know most gamer boxes tend to be geared toward males even though there are plenty of gamer girls out there. It was pretty amazing to pull out a girly accessory! I don’t know if everyone got this (even the boys?) because I can’t remember if I mentioned I was a girl or not in their profile. These are acceptably Halloweenish and have batgirl type masks on them.
Value: $10
Erick Scarecrow Kylo Ren Galactic Poster– This is a character from the new Star Wars Episode 7 movie. He’s a bad guy. This is printed on heavy duty paper which I’m glad about. I’m going to frame it. Whenever I get around to framing all the posters I’ve received in gamer boxes. This is definitely one of the nicest. Also, the more I look at it the cooler it gets. I need this as a screensaver.
Value: $10?
Bounty Hunter/Ziggy Stardust T-Shirt– One thing I love about GeekFuel is that they always have a t-shirt. This is my new requirement for geek boxes. They must have a t-shirt in every box. That means Loot Crate needs to step it up.

VERDICT: I am really liking GeekFuel. They always have a t-shirt, everything is good quality and I feel like the amount of filler is a lot less than other subscriptions like this. I don’t expect to be able to avoid it altogether but I want it kept to a minimum.

If you would like to sign up for GeekFuel, you can do that right here. I believe you will start with the October 2015 box, the September box has sold out.

What do you think of GeekFuel? Do you have a preferred gamer/geek box?