Julep July 2015 Mystery Box Review Holo-Day and Holo-Night Plus Coupon Codes

Julep Maven is a subscription nail polish and beauty service from Julep. Since Maven is not the only thing they do, there’s always plenty of things to shop for in their online marketplace. Since I refuse to pay $14 for one of their tiny polishes, I always use coupons and go for the deals.

One thing they do, that I love, is release Mystery Boxes! Since I’m not a Maven right now because I really have too much polish to begin with, I love to get these Mystery Boxes when they’re available. I don’t get them all and I definitely don’t usually get two but this time I did. It’s been awhile since the Mystery Boxes have not had overlap so it’s nice to see that the July boxes had no overlap between them. It made getting more than one really easy, especially with a coupon. (Thanks, Brandy, it’s all your fault!)

These particular Mystery Boxes are sold out but you can still find some of the individual polishes.

The Cost: $24.99/ea

What You Get: A collection of Julep nail polishes and beauty products worth at least $100 in retail value.

Starting with Holo-Day! I got the Major Add On with this box and I haven’t seen other spoilers so I have no idea what is the Add On and what is the box contents. I’ll try to update that as soon as I figure it out.

The Holo-Day Box plus Mega Add On came with a three beauty products, five polishes and a shopping. A bay blue liquid holographic. This is drop dead gorgeous and I’m in love. It’s opaque in one coat but I’m guessing it’ll have better longevity with two. It’s super easy to work with. Love!
Value: $14

Cassidy– Bondi blue crème. Super pretty and gets 4.8 stars on the Julep website so that’s a keeper.
Value: $14

Shelby– Navy ink Creme.
Value: $14

Here’s Hallie on my nails:

Lurve! That’s one coat.

Bonnie– Soft gold micro-glitter. This was really, really separated when I got it. I had to shake it for nearly a minute to get it to look normal. I’m going to watch it and see how it does.
Value: $14

Nayely– Papaya nectar creme. I think I’m too light skinned to pull of this color.
Value: $14

Julep Tote Bag– This is more like a lunch sack than a tote bag but it’s cute and reuseable so I’ll carry it around and advertise for them when I shop for veggies.
Value: $5

Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo– If you pay any attention at all to my blog, you know I can’t stand dry shampoo. So this will be going to someone who can enjoy it to the fullest. 😀
Value: $22

Julep Eye Glider in Navy Smoke- Call me lazy but I was too bored by eyeliner to open the box. Plus I’ve received this two times now. Same color and everything. Maybe it was part of the Mega Add On because I’m pretty sure I got it in the last Mystery Box I bought. I think these are great eyeliners and I love the way the gel liner applies. So it’s really because I’m lazy and not because it isn’t a good product (it is!).
Value: $16

Julep Luxe Conditioning Treatment– Yay! Finally I get one! It’s Sheer Pink Shimmer and I’m very happy with that color. I’ve been trying to swap for one of these for ages but it never worked out. It’s basically no color but super shiny and it has a really weird metal tip that is cold on your lips. I kinda like it. However it smells funny and tastes weird. Hm.
Value: $24

On to the Holo-Night Mystery Box!

This box was BY FAR my favorite. Although a lot of it had to do with the extra polishes I picked up. I used the free polish code to get one for free and then added on another for $4.99 after hitting checkout. The contents of the Holo-Night box were four nail polishes and two beauty products.

Christa– A purple twilight liquid holographic. This is to die for. Again, it’s opaque in one coat and easy to work with. And I love it. I had a lot of fun trying all these polishes on. 🙂 This is my favorite from this box.

Ignore my cuticules and see how pretty this color is. All that sparkly shimmery purpleness just warms the cockles of my heart!
Value: $14

Nic– Black crimson crème. This is a reaaally subtle burgundy, dark wine color. Good for cosplay. Oops. Did I say that outloud?
Value: $14

Karissa– Holly berry crème. This is what I consider a true red. It is fire engine red. Definitely a staple in every polish wardrobe.
Value: $14

Joanne– Smoky plum creme. I have this one already and I’ll be honest. I don’t like it. It’s so blah. It’s not really a color. It’s like it can’t decide if it wants to be brown or purple and it just looks blech.
Value: $14

Length Matters Mascara– I’ve received this before although I don’t believe I’ve used it yet. It promises no smudges or flakes and great lengths. We’ll see about that!
Value: $22

Julep Plush Pout in Cardinal Red– Okay, I love Julep’s Plush Pout. Love it! I think it’s their best product. Forget their overpriced nail polish… These are amazing. So pigmented, so moisturizing, so gorgeous! This is a red I don’t have yet. I have three colors already and I’m totally willing to add this one to my collection.
Value: $20

My add ons!! Of course I love these because I picked them, right? Turns out I was right to pick them because I really do like them.

Lainey– Summer Berry Shimmer. I don’t even know what that means but this is gorgeous. My fingernails are having a fight over which one of the new colors I’m going to wear. Turns out I’m wearing four right now. So I can show you the colors.
Value: $14

Danielle-Cerulean wave duochrome. Okay so ignore the messy paint job, just look at the color! What a fantastic blue! And it basically glows. Adoreee!
Value: $14

VERDICT: So the ultimate verdict is these boxes were a great deal and fun because I had coupons. Plus I got to pick some of these colors and even though they weren’t part of the box, they’re still part of this review and I love them.
First, Holo-Days– Boring polish colors but they did go with the whole “day” theme. A little sunshine and blue sky. So I get it. But… boring except for the spoiler of Hallie. The Major Add On I think must be the Dry Shampoo, Tote Bag and the eye glider. For $14.99 that’s pretty good.
Second, Holo-Nights. Love it! I mean, Joanne is gross but everything else is nice plus I got another color of Plush Pout! So worth the $32 I paid to get everything. But I’ve got to stop because my polish drawer is really, really full.

All the polishes I tried today have great formulas. I wouldn’t pay full price for any of these products which is why getting them in a Mystery Box (and using coupon codes) is the best way to go. Or just become a Maven. The Julep Maven subscription is a good deal, too.

If you’d like to become a Julep Maven and get a customized box of nail polish and goodies each month, you can sign up right here! Use code TREATME to get your first box FOR FREE! You are signing up for a subscription so there is a recurring fee after the free box but you can cancel any time. Their customer service is great.

Right now there’s a couple coupon codes available to you! Spend $30 and get $15 off with code ALLYOURS. Take 25% off your julep.com purchases today through Friday, July 17 with code FAMILY. Use code JULEPBBFREE and get a free polish with your order. You must pick a polish and add it to your order for the code to work.

Also!!! If you buy and you use Ebates, make sure you activate it. You’ll get 5% cashback right now.