GreekPack August 2015 Snack Subscription Review and Coupon Code

GreekPack is a snack subscription that sends you snacks from Greece. Meaning that your package will arrive with Greek postage and a Thessaloniki mailing address. I think that is part of the fun. I don’t tend to be super adventurous with my snacks. I prefer all the sugar and fat and not so much the strange.

However GreekPack has been a lot of fun. The July box was fantastic and had one of my new favorite things in it. Too bad I can’t find them anywhere. The Chalvadopita was nomalicious.

This box didn’t have a stand out but it did have a little uniqueness to it. It has both sweet and savory which is something I always appreciate in a snack box.

The Cost: $19.99/month

What You Get: You will receive six to eight carefully selected Greek treats and snacks.

Tsakiris Chips

These are potato chips with sea salt from Mytilene Island. They taste like potato chips. Except they’re from Greece, which makes them way more fun than just potato chips. Amirite?!

Farma Snacks Peanut Pasteli

This is a snack bar made of peanuts and honey. And it is horrible. I mean, I’m sure it tasted good at one point but the peanuts are stale and awful. It’s not expired or anything but… yuck. :\

ID Peach Bar with Almond and Erica Honey

This is like a protein bar/cereal/breakfast bar type thing. It’s also got fig in it. I despise figs but I tried this anyway. It’s dark and chewy, definitely sweet but far too “figgy” for me. I can taste the honey, though. Erica is another name for heather (which I have growing in my yard) and the bees do love it. Maybe I should start beekeeping with all my flowers I have.

Tsoureki (Easter Bread)

This is a bread that’s usually braided or shaped into a circle and flavored with wild cherries or mastic. This particular one is just vanilla. I don’t really eat a whole lot of bread (but that doesn’t mean I don’t love carbs) and this didn’t really appeal to me.

Miranda Biscuits

These are served with jelly, jam, marmalades and coffee. Or eaten plain. Like I’m doing. I think they’re sort of like Nilla wafers. I haven’t had those in a long time but that’s what these remind me of. Tasty!

Charleston Candy

These are rose-flavoured gummies. You know, like the orange slices? But rose, obviously. The story is that these were originally made in Athens after WWII and the name comes from an American who loved the candies so much he bought the factory in 1962 so that he could get them whenever he wanted them. (Must be nice!) These are apparently a very common candy for kids.
I ate them. All. The day the box arrived. Yum!

Sideritis “Olympus Tea”- So this is kinda weird. These are herb sprigs. They arrived sealed in plastic but they’re for tea! It’s also called Ironwort and is indigenous to Greece and other Mediterranean areas. It’s got an herbal, floral taste and should be boiled as is (stems, leaves and flowers). Steep four minutes, then strain and serve with honey and/or lemon. I’m totally doing this. Plus this plant apparently has some anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. If it wasn’t ten thousand degrees here, I’d already have made it. 😀


While not every snack from Greece is going to be my cup of tea (pun!!), I am really excited to try the Olympus Tea sprigs! The candies were tasty although the peanut thing was not. I just think it’s fun to get a box from Greece that has things you literally cannot get anywhere else. And I do mean that literally.

GreekPack recently lowered their price and so it’s much more affordable. While I got my first box sent for review, I did decide to subscribe. Partly because the Greek part of me feels like it’s been neglected and partly because I think this box is fun.

If you would like to try GreekPack for yourself, you can sign up here! Use coupon code BITBOX to get 10% off your subscription.

Do you get GreekPack? What do you think of it? I freely admit to partiality because of my Greek heritage.