1Up Box July 2015 “Justice” Review and Coupon Code

1Up Box is a box full of nerdy type, gamer gear! I think these types of boxes are a lot of fun for hardcore geeks and collectors alike. You can get some pretty sweet licensed stuff, too. This month’s theme is “Justice” and while I don’t think it adhere’s too closely to that, it gets pretty darn close.

The Cost: $18.92/month (including shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

Justice League Wind Up– I got Cyborg which is probably the last one I wish I would have gotten from the lineup of seven. I mean, there’s Wonder Woman and Superman! But they’re cute and licensed so it’s definitely going on the Collectible Shelf (which is getting really full).Justice Tattoos– Meh. However these will make a good stocking stuffer for my nephew.

Every box also has a pin to commemorate it. Personally I wish they’d use magnets instead but oh well.

Batman SuperHero Shades– These are awesome! I mean, they are completely ridiculous but I’m totally making my husband wear them. He said he would but only when I was in the car with him and I said it was a deal. I’d wear them but they’re way too big for me. I can’t help being a midget.

TMNT Turtle Topper Pencil Topper– If I was in school, I’d be pretty happy with this. Instead, I’m old enough to have watched the cartoon and to have seen the movies in the theatre. I was in love with Leonardo which is really weird. But then I was in love with Aquaman, too, soooo…..

Princess 007 Magnet– Strange but cute. I won’t mind putting it on the fridge.

Super Rangers T-Shirt– A mashup of Power Rangers and Super Mario. I always get Mens shirts because this subscription is technically for my husband but I wouldn’t have minded getting this one. He loves wearing nerdy t-shirts, though. I love that they put Princess Peach in it. Girls love games, too!

VERDICT: I love that  has a t-shirt in every box. It always makes it worth it. So even if some of the other things in the box just get tossed, the t-shirt makes it. If you’re like my husband you you like wearing these kinds of shirts, you’ll always have something to love.

If you would like to sign up for 1Up Box, . Make sure to use code AWESOME to get $3 off your first box. What’s not to love for $15?

Do you get 1Up Box? What do you think of it compared to Loot Crate?