Universal Yums International Snack Subscription June 2015 Yum Box Review

Universal Yums is fairly new on the international snack box scene. I received the YumYum Box for review earlier this year but this review is for the smaller sized Yum Box.
Both my experiences have been very good with this box. I like how they balance the snacks, making sure you get some savory snack types along with desserty ones. I like getting some of both and they do have a good variety. The Yum Yum box I reviewed was EXPLODING with snacks. There were so many, I remember that I forgot some when I took the original photos for that review. Whoops!
Each box uses tissue paper packing in the colors of the featured countries colors. This month is Mexico and all the snacks included are from that country. You’ll also get an info card explaining the treat (this is essential for some of them can be mysterious) and giving fun facts about the country.

The Cost: $13/month for the Yum Box, $25/month for the Yum Yum.

What You Get: Six or more unique snacks centered around a theme country. You will receive a mix of savory, sweet and spicy snacks. The Yum Yum box will have thirteen or more snacks.
Sabritas Adobadas– These were really flavorful and tasty, too. I think it’s probably an acquired taste. I definitely liked them better the more I ate but my husband pretty much ate the whole bag and asked if there was a way to get more. Amazon, probably.

Takis Fuego– These were my favorite thing in the box. And I don’t even like spicy. These were spicy but tempered with a big dose of lime. Yum! I was disappointed when I got to the bottom of the bag. Lucky me, I found them on Amazon.

Kranky– These are like…. chocolate covered cornflakes? They’re crunchy but the chocolate is inferior so I’d rather waste my calories on something I like better. Still… I think if they were sitting next to me I’d probably eat them anyway.
Bubu Lubu– I’ve had this before and wasn’t really impressed but Universal Yums recommends putting it in the freezer and then eating it. I’ll try that.

Pulparindo– So I’m not even going to open this because I know it’s awful. Hilariously, the info card even warns that it’s terrible. The thing is that I know people who LOVE these! Granted they are all Mexican so they might have grown up with them and have a soft spot in their hearts for it but I’m telling you right now…. be very careful taste-testing this.

Vero Mango– Another thing that reminds me of pinatas. This is so spicy, I’m pretty sure it burned my unsuspecting tongue off the first (and only) time I tried one of these. If a small, adorable child offers you one of these, don’t take it. I speak from experience.

De La Rosa Mazapan– I’m not a big fan of marzipan. It’s totally a texture thing and I admit to being a texture eater. My brain won’t let me enjoy this.

Glorias- This is dulce de leche, which I think is basically caramel? I think this might have melted because it was very granular and I don’t think it’s supposed to be. It’s made with goats milk and pecans.
Canel’s Gum 2 Packs– I got Fruit and Apple and both were very tasty. I used to eat this gum when I was a kid. And I do mean “eat.” My mom quit giving it to me because I would swallow it. It’s so tasty, though!

VERDICT: This Yum Box had nine snacks! That’s pretty good for a $13 box. I actually really like how they do themes. I think they do a great job of getting actual, truly popular snacks from the country they are featuring, too. I mean, the Pulparindos and Vero Mango are basically classic Mexican snacks. I enjoyed eating (and NOT eating) all the snacks in this box.

If you would like to sign up for Universal Yums, you can do that here. The theme for next month is Japan! When I was in Japan I tried all sorts of snacks but they also have a lot of things I consider normal like KitKats. Only the KitKats are in flavors you’ve never heard of such as Green Tea, Mango, Soy Sauce and Grilled Potato. I’m not even kidding. And you bet I bought them! They’re just as horrible as you might imagine.

What do you think of Universal Yums snack box? What is your favorite snack box so far? I’m always curious to see what other people enjoy.