Scentbird June 2015 Review and Limited Edition Pink Case Giveaway!

It’s no secret that I love Scentbird. I’m slightly obsessed and for the first time in my life, I’m anxious to expand my fragrance collection. Why? Because Scentbird offers me the opportunity to get just a small amount of a luxury fragrance for a very reasonable price. Not only that but it’s a purse spray, my absolute favorite size.

The Cost: $14.99/month

What You Get: Each month you will receive one 8ml purse spray of the scent of your choice based on your profile. The first month, you will receive the black atomizer case for the perfume and a carrysack for it.

I don’t pretend to be a perfume connoisseur. I can’t tell you about top notes and base notes. What I can do, is love the perfume I wear. Scentbird helps me with that! When you sign up, you fill out a scent profile and they suggest perfumes for you based on your answers. I now have a selection of perfumes that I’m wearing fairly regularly. My husband loves it. I didn’t wear perfume much previous to Scentbird, mainly because I had three scents, they’re expensive and I didn’t want to waste them for everyday happenings.

Now I have no fear and I spritz myself whenever I feel like it. Walker is constantly telling me how good I smell which makes me happy and gives me more reason to spritz. Since I’m not an expert on fragrances, Scentbirds’ recommendation system works really well. So far every perfume that I’ve added to my queue from what they selected for me based on my profile has been wonderful.

Not only that but Scentbird has released their Limited Edition PINK perfume case! Of course I had to get one because I’m the kind of girl that likes pink. In order to get a pink case, you add it to your regular perfume shipment. This does mean that you need to be subscribed. The price is $12.99 per case. This does not include perfume (which you will already be getting in your regular box for the month). I also just got an email saying supplies are limited! Eeek!

Normally, your first month of Scentbird you will receive the signature black perfume case, your chosen perfume and a black velvety drawstring carry case. Subsequent months you will only receive the vial of perfume in a box. Unless you add on items, of course.

If you would like to sign up for Scentbird, you can do that here. Use this link to get 15% off your first month!

This month, the perfume in my queue was Michael Kors Michael. I absolutely love it! It’s described as “creamy florals exploding into exotic spices, tamed by Moroccan incense.” Whatever that means, I want to take a bath in. I smell amazing in this stuff!

Guess what!? Today I am giving away a Limited Edition Pink Perfume Case!! But that’s not the only thing you’ll get because I’m including a perfume with it! The winner of this giveaway will also get a Scentbird purse spray vial of Versace Crystal Noir with the new silver sprayer!

Versace Crystal Noir description: “For the true Versace woman, she’s effortlessly sexy, confident, and loves fashion, sumptuousness, and eccentricity. The fragrance is a magical perfume, sheer and sensual at the same time. A floral-oriental scent, it’s absolutely feminine, gentle, and long lasting.”

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Also I saw this on the Scentbird Instagram:

Just sayin’…

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