Meikoko BCDation May 2015 Asian Beauty Subscription Box Review

This review is for the brand new Meikoko BCDation subscription box. It’s all about Asian beauty.
As you know, I’m sorta hooked on Kbeauty. Not that it’s the only thing I use but I really do like the general approach to skincare. Effective ingredients, an absence of unneccessary additives and a less is more so that “less” better be good type of thing. At least, that’s how it appears to me and those are the things I look for.

This BCDation box offers an opportunity to test some products, especially BB creams and get to know the brands and skincare routines a little better. Every box will include one full size product, one sheet mask, 2-3 deluxe samples and 3-4 foil samples. The BCDation box will also always contain one BB or CC cream for you to try out.

The Cost: $16.99/month

What You Get: Every month you’ll receive one BB or CC cream, at least one full size product, 2-3 deluxe size products and some samples all dedicated to expanding your kbeauty collection.

There was no information card explaining the products (or how to use them) which hopefully will be remedied in future boxes. For people new to Asian beauty that kind of thing is essential. However, there was a card explaining BB, CC and Cushion Compacts. Kbeauty 101, indeed! 😀

Skinfood Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea SPF 20 BB Cream-30g- This is an oil controlling, skin mattifying BB cream. I will tell you right now that I was prepared to hate it. I squirted some out and it looked so orange I almost gave up right then. I’m glad I didn’t. It smoothed perfectly on my skin like it was made for it. It *is* mattifying which is something I highly prefer over the “glow” so many would rather have.
The real test will come tomorrow when I wear it all day but so far, I’m very impressed. It also smell divine. Peach, of course. Oh, and this appears to be #2 Natural Beige. Since I normally would have gone for the #1 Light Beige I’m even more surprised it works so well for me. Maybe I got a tan from gardening?
Value: $10

The Face Shop Lovely:Me Ex Dessert Lip Balm in Strawberry– This came in a little jute bag that said Hello on it. I’m not sure if it’s part of the box or if it’s because I was one of the first subscribers. I think for now (since I have no idea) I’m going to count it as part of the box.
It’s adorable. You flip up the chocolate lid and there’s a little spoon thing in there. Then you unscrew the pink part from the glass jar and voila! Strawberry lip gloss! It smells strawberry(ish) and although it’s ridiculously cute, the whole applying gloss with a spoon nubby is awkward. The gloss itself is pretty moisturizing but sticky.
Value: $9

Laneige Water Bank Essence-10ml- I haven’t tried a whole lot of Laneige. Just the Pore Cleansing Oil which I love and the Sleeping Pack which was just okay. So I’ll have to test this out. It’s a nice 10ml deluxe sample with a pump so that’s awesome.

Missha Super Aqua Ultra water-full Control Emulsion-Contains Aqua-STEM to moisturize and control skin balance for clear, hydrated skin. Features the Triplex Aqua System which locks, absorbs, and stores moisture energy for 24 hour hydration.
Hmm, now that sounds interesting. Another new thing for me to try!

Skinfood My Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner– A black liquid liner. This is also a full size item. I really want to open this and try it but I’ve already got a liquid one I’m using and I don’t want this one to dry out in the meantime. I know they like to do that.
Value: $4

Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet in Aloe– Not my favorite  mask but I know I’m picky. Holika Holika is a brand with super cute packaging and some good skincare.
Value: $2

Then there are a couple samples of Missha Time Revolution Cream, Etude House Collagen Moistfull cream and Nature Republic Super Origin CC cream (which I’m totally trying).

VERDICT: I’m very happy with this inaugural Meikoko BCDation box. The value is around $25 which, while not spectacular, is something I’ve come to expect with boxes containing imported goods. Plus this is a new, small company embarking on a new subscription box adventure. I’m very satisfied with this first box. It worked out that the Skinfood BB cream worked so well for me. I don’t think I would have loved the box as much if that hadn’t happened. But it does make me curious about how they will accommodate skin tones/colors in these boxes. I can’t remember if when I signed up it asked me or not. My big problem is that 99 out of 100 BB creams are too dark for me.

So, I’m staying subscribed because this is pretty fun. And I’m interested to see how the second box will vary from the first.

If you want to sign up, head to and get your name in. I believe you’ll start with the June box and they ship on the 15th of the month.