Scent Trunk Men’s Fragrance Subscription Review and Coupon Code

Scent Trunk is a Men’s (and just launched Women’s) fragrance sample subscription. Each month they’ll send you three new samples from artisan, niche brands based on your answers in your profile. Since I’m not a man, I had my husband fill out the profile and then waited for our first delivery.

My husband likes to smell good and is pretty picky when it comes to his scents so I wasn’t sure how this would go over. As it turned out, the profile worked really well because he liked everything that was sent, though he definitely had a favorite.
The shipment arrived in a padded envelope. Inside was a small, square box with a drawstring bag that held three scent vials and their description cards.
The Cost: $15/month
What You Get: Every month, you’ll receive a box filled with 3 fragrance miniatures. Samples are generously sized and will last the entire month. In the box, you will also get a description of the fragrances and helpful tips.
Kingston Ferry by Olympic Orchids-3ml glass spray bottle- This is described as an aromatic, aquatic, and woody fragrance inspired by the scents from land, beach, and water at a Pacific Northwest ferry dock. The nose behind the fragrance is Ellen Covey. Available as a parfum extrait or EdP, Kingston Ferry features aquatic notes, seaweed, cedar leaf, rhododendron, heather, lavender, tarragon, blue chamomile, myrrh, and weathered woods.
Olympic Orchids prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients with a high percentage of essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, and other natural materials. All products are formulated to be on the high end of their concentration range. Parfum is 25-33% fragrance materials and eau de parfum is 15-25%.
Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, maybe there’s a slight bias to piney scents.

The Good Earth by Atelier de Geste-This scent is a vision of a utopic earth. Uplifting, green, strong: the lushness of a deep forest. It was a hard decision between this one and the Kingston Ferry but after wearing each, DH decided he preferred this one. It’s a little less piney and lasts longer. And it smells fantastic on his skin.

Cyber Garden by Costume National-Cyber Garden opens with the energy of green ether, pink peppercorn, bergamot and grapefruit. The heart releases the power of the vinyl melting with geranium, saffron and violet leaves. In the base notes, vetiver, patchouli, opoponax and labdanum are embraced by seductive hybrid moss.
I’m not even going to pretend that I know what half of that means. I know I didn’t like this one because I have a strange dislike of patchouli in any form. I liked the fruitiness but DH did not.

VERDICT: The major plus of Scent Trunk is that these are not mass produced scents. These are unique and interesting. Scent Trunk has partnerships with brands like Billy Jealousy, Forager and Imaginary Authors. I think it might have been more fun if there was a bigger difference between the Kingston Ferry and The Good Earth. I love that cards are included explaining the scents and giving more details about each one.
My only wish would be that the price was lower. When it comes down to it, these are only a few spritzes worth of fragrance and if you only love one, you’ve just paid $15 for a 3ml sample. Granted none of them will ever be anything you’ll find passed out like candy in a department store but $5 a pop seems steep.
On the other hand, my husband said it seems like a good deal to him. He found two scents he likes and the samples will last him as long as he wants them to. So I guess it depends on how you look at it. 😀

If you’d like to check out Scent Trunk, you can dig around their website and see what’s up. If you decide to fill out the profile and get your own samples, make sure to use coupon code TRUNK20 for 20% off your first delivery or TRUNK5 for $5 off your first shipment. Definitely worth it at that price!