Bespoke Post March 2015 “Polished” Review and Coupon Code

Bespoke Post is one of the subscriptions that consistently exceeds my expectations.  Even though I know what I’m getting because I get a choice each month, when the box actually arrives I’m always so impressed by the contents, both in quality and value.  This month I chose “Polished” because it was new and because my husband has moaned many times about the state of his shoes.  While he enjoys his sweats, he can be kind of nitpicky when it comes to dressing up.  So his tie knots have to be perfect, his tie clip in perfect position, the colors all must be complementary, the creases sharp and the lines crisp.  He has a collection of shoes that he loves and even has special cedar shoe trees stuffed into his favorites.

So, you can see that there was no passing up a Bespoke Post box dealing entirely with getting the perfect shine on your shoe.  In fact, Walker already said to me “Do you know how many times I have wanted and needed a mirror shine on my shoes?! Now I can get that.”  Which made me laugh, of course, but it is true.  He has lamented the fact that his tux shoes just cant get that perfect ‘just bought’ shine with what he usually had on hand to polish with.

The Cost: $45/month, choose your box or skip any month

What You Get: Undeniably high quality, unique items themed and curated for men’s interests of all types, anything from Life, Food, Drink and Style categories.

Wood Handled Applicator Brushes– These brushes are made with soft horsehair fibers for applying product to your shoes without getting messy.  Use circular motions when applying and get a little extra on the scuffs. The wooden handles are sturdy and comfortable to hold.  There is one brush for black polish and one for the brown, which I think is totally awesome.  All the brushes included in this box are of German make.

Wood Handled Buffing Brushes– These big brushes even out the product application and increase shine on your shoe.  You use them after you’ve applied the moisturizer to your shoe (if you’re not using color) or after the color if you are using it.  And again, there’s one for black and one for brown. These have the same soft horsehair bristles as the application brushes.
Prestige Wax– Using this wax will protect your shoes against dirt, rain and scuffs.  It will also give you the desired mirror shine.

Chamois– This is for when you want to get that mirror shine on your best shoes.  This is used when buffing the wax onto your shoe.  Want to see your reflection? This is what you use.  😀

Prestige Creme Polish in London Tan-50ml- For an extra layer of leather conditioning and to add some color, use this Prestige pigment-rich shoe polish. The hydrating formula helps to moisturize the very top layer of the leather, and the color adds a rich layer of polish. All these polishes are imported from Italy. They’ve never been for sale in the US and Bespoke Post imported them for the first time. Apparently cobblers in Italy swear by this stuff and the BP editors were impressed, too.  So with this box, you become among the first Americans (or Canadians!) to use this Italian Prestige brand of polishes.
Value: $10

Prestige Creme Polish in Black-50ml-  Yep, black.  To go with your black shoes.  It’s called a Creme for some reason, instead of polish but that could be what they call them in Italy.  However, they *are* creamy not like the hard Kiwi polishes you get in the little tin.  These are glass jars (with ridiculously tight lids, I could not get the lid off of this one).
Value: $10

Suede Brush– This funny, toothbrush looking thing has really stiff metal bristles.  They’re for cleaning your suede shoes and getting all the dirt out.  Seems like this would be really harsh but what do I know? Brush the suede nap up to release the dirt then brush it back down.
Value: $10

Prestige Moisture Creme-50ml- Now this is the one I might be stealing for my leather handbags. It’s an opaque/white moisturizer that will keep your leather supple and clean.  If you just want to do a quick shine, this is what you use.  Since my favorite handbag is a bright pink I definitely don’t want to use black or brown but this will be perfect and I’ve been noticing my bag needs a little help. I might have to do a before and after with it and update this post.

VERDICT: Again, Bespoke Post has exceeded all my expectations.  Wooden handles? Imported top-tier Italian polishes and leather moisturizers?  You know Italians are on point with their leather so who better to supply those necessities. Plus, these are no sample size pots, these are full size, last forever jars. I can’t believe how much was included.  Not just one brush either but one for each color. I never would have thought of that.

If you’d like to sign up for Bespoke Post, you can do that here.  It will make you provide an email address to look around (which I hate, why do they do that?!) but it’s worth it if you find something you can’t live without.  Use code JOIN15 to get 15% off your first box until 3/31. They also have a pretty luxe shop with perfect man-presents in it. If you are waffling, don’t take too long because that code expires in two days, sadly.  They’ll probably come out with another one but I like to err on the safe side.