Beauteque Monthly BB Bag Asian Beauty Subscription March 2015 Rev

Beauteque is a purveyor of Asian beauty and skincare products here in the US.  They have a monthly subscription bag packed with skincare and beauty items that is available to the US, Canada and Europe.  Besides having an online store filled with Asian beauty, they’ve also got a subscription site!

Each month you can get a bag of Asian beauty and lifestyle products sent to your door.  I find that it’s reasonably priced and the products tend to be fun.  Products aren’t necessarily all Asian but they are definitely the majority.  Each bag usually will include a lifestyle item of some kind, as well.

The Cost: $24/month plus shipping (Ships Internationally to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan)

What You Get: A combination of 7 full size beauty, skincare and lifestyle products with a focus on Asian beauty.
The Face Shop Ceramide Rice Toner–  I think this might be my favorite thing in this box.  This is a thick toner that has rice extracts and ceramides to moisturize your face after cleansing.  I love Eastern toners.  They’re not like the ones typically made by US companies.  They’re not meant to clean up the last vestiges of your make up and they aren’t usually astringents.  This toner is for moisturizing your skin and soothing it after cleansing.  I love it.
Value: $14

The Face Shop Massage Cream–  This is a big tub of moisturizer!  I chose Cucumber because I love the scent.  This is sort of like a sleeping pack except you have to wash it off.  Massage this into your face and then rinse it off with cleanser.  This uses mineral oil and glycerin as moisturizers which are both very effective.  I don’t think I’ve ever used anything quite like this but it left my face soft so I’m happy!
Value: $12
Mizon Modeling Clay Pack–  I didn’t even know about these awesome products but I’m seeing them everywhere now.  Add a little water (not too much, trust me), mix and apply to your face.  When it dries it turns rubbery and you can peel it off your face.   You want to apply it thickly enough that you can peel it off.  Too thin and it just crusts over and cracks and you have to wash it off.  If you get too much water in it, it will drip everywhere and possibly stain your clothes so be careful.  I have a few of these already and I can get two uses if I split it up before adding water.  I like this type because I feel like it really cleans out my pores but you never feel like you’re ripping your face off when you peel it off (not like some of those regular peel off masks).
Value: $5
Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush- I don’t really get blackheads anywhere but my nose and I’ve never used a pore brush before.  Do they really work?  I can’t test this because I just used my weekly pore strip.  Whoops!  The bristles are quite soft and this is a very portable size.
Value: $15
A’Pieu Take My Hands Nail Sheet Pack– I love the name of this.  Half the time the names of these Asian beauty products either make no sense or are super long and hilarious.  I like to use these before bed.  I haven’t used these exact ones before but the several different kinds I’ve used have been easy to use while reading my Kindle.  None have been super moisturizing but maybe these will be different!
Value: $5

Etude House Look at My Eyes Cafe Eyeshadow–  There was a bunch of colors to pick from and this is a pretty pink.  I was leery at first but I really like this!  It’s got the perfect amount of pigment for me, applies perfectly and the brush doesn’t leave crumbs in the pan.  I might need more colors.  I wonder if they have a palette of these… Hmm…
Value: $8

Tony Moly Bling Pocket Hair Pack– This is a mask for your hair. It’s a little polka dotted bag with leave in conditioner inside.  You tie it around a ponytail of your hair, then massage the bag to get the moisturizer into your hair.  Leave it for a half hour then removed and comb remaining essence through your hair.  I didn’t notice a ton of difference but it was a fun thing to do.
Value: $3

VERDICT:  Well, I think the included bag is awful but the contents are a lot of fun.  I absolutely love the rice toner and the massage cream is nice.  It’s such a huge container that I’ve been using it on my ashy knees before I hop into the shower.  It has been keeping them nice and moisturized, too. This was a nice array of items.  A toner, moisturizer, clay mask and pore brush for your face.  A hair mask and finger mask for the rest of you and a little make up tossed in, too.  And I’m glad there is only Asian beauty represented.  I really like an Asian beauty focus for these bags with  no Western products snuck in. The pore brush doesn’t count since they’re so popular overseas. 🙂

The value is over $50 so the subscription price is definitely worth it, especially within the USA.  It does seem like there has been some International shipping issues but they’re working on getting everything straightened out.  Shipping is extra at is $3.95 within the US and up to $9.95 for Australia and Japan.