Box O’ Munch January 2015 Classic Snack Box Review and Coupon Code!

Box O’ Munch is a snack subscription that sends you a whopping two+ pounds of snacks each month. There are three box choices: Classic, Healthy and Chocolate Lovers.  This review is for the Classic box.  It’s definitely not the Healthy box! Haha!

The Cost: $20/month plus shipping.

What You Get: A box packed with snacks of all kinds, valued at over $30.  Choose from three types of boxes.

When the box got dropped on my porch it was so huge I had no idea what it was supposed to be. Then I flipped it over and saw the Box O’ Munch sticker.  Yeah, I pretty much ran into the house and ripped it open as fast as I could.  Here’s what I saw:

Omnomnom. Now, here lies the one problem with this shipment.  I think they need to invest in those air pocket box fillers because the box wasn’t completely full which means all of this got tossed and turned around while it made it’s way across the country to me.  You’ll see what I mean.

Savory and sweet crunchy snacks!  I love crunchy!  The Pringles are my favorite flavor (sour cream and onion) and while they didn’t make it unscathed through the bouncing, they were mostly whole.  I’d probably eat them if they were dust. 😛  DH ate the Kettle Chips without saving any for me so they must have been tasty.
Crunch ‘n Munch brings back memories. I haven’t seen these since I was a very small child.  My mom *loved* these.  She would buy a box and keep it for herself.  She rarely shared and it was definitely her treat to herself.  When stores around here stopped carrying it, she went through a couple other types (like Fiddle Faddle) but never found one similar enough to love.
I’m actually excited to try it and see what her fuss was all about.

Tootsie Rolls! And a Jolly Rancher Strawberry “Crayon” that appears to be from Mexico. Plus Meiji Hello Panda Strawberry Creme filled cookies.  I’ve never seen a Super Blow Pop but I’m going to eat it for sure.  I don’t know what Yoohoo is besides what it says about itself (a chocolate drink).  I’m going to give the Hello Panda to my niece because she loves these so much.  Since I should be fair when sharing, I might have to give the Tootsie Rolls to her brother since I try to be a nice aunt.  😀  And I want to try the Jolly Rancher Crayon.  I don’t care if I’m old!

I think these were the biggest casualties of the box bouncing.  The crackers are pretty crunched up.
They’re mostly whole though they will make a mess when I open them.  I’ve got to try those Keebler vanilla sugar wafers, though.  I like that kind of cookie.  The Austin Cheddar Cheese and the Keebler Toast and Peanut Butter cracker packs are hiking staples in my house.  Yum.
Never heard of Pitter Patter Cookies before but they’re peanut butter so I’m sure I’ll like them.

Candy! Atomic FireballsDubble BubbleStride Sour Patch Kids GumNow and Laters in Watermelon and Birthday Cake M&M’s!  I’ve wanted to try the Birthday Cake M&M’s but not enough to buy a whole bag so I was happy to see these.
DH loves Atomic Fireballs so he got those.  Dubble Bubble is gross so they won’t get eaten.  I remember when they used to come with comics in the wrapper, though. 😀  Now and Laters!  I haven’t thought of these in a long time!  I got these once at Bartell Drugs when I was in Junior High.
They are very sticky when they soften up and at the time I had braces.  Back in those days, braces were made out of metal and there was no such thing as invisalign.  Well, I managed to rip several of my brackets off and my mom had to take me to the dentist to get them replaced.  She was so mad…

VERDICT: Wow! This is a lot of snacks and candy!  You know what I like the best?  These are not crazy snacks from somewhere else in the world that doesn’t know how candy should actually taste.
These are all edible and not too crazy.  I’ve noticed there seem to be a lot of international snack subscriptions and even with the ones I’ve subscribed to, there seems to be so much that is basically inedible.
Not with Box O’ Munch! I like it a lot.  Hopefully, the lack of packing material in the box was a mistake and my next one will come without being jumbled around.  This snack box also has SO MANY snacks that it will last me quite a long time.  It’s way more than I was expecting, that’s for sure.

If you would like to sign up for Box O’ Munch, you can do that right here!  You get to choose the kind of box you want from Classic, Chocolate and Healthy so you can actually customize your snacks a little bit which is nice.  I have enough healthy snack boxes so I totally went for Classic.  Give me aaaall the candy!

When you sign up make sure to use coupon code WELCOME for 20% off your subscription!  That’s a great deal!  I ended up with a 3 month subscription so I’m excited to see all the other kinds of things I might get.