1Up Box January 2015 Robo Mayhem Review + February 2015 Theme

This January 2015 is my first one.  It seems like geek and gamer boxes are popping up everywhere thanks to the success of Loot Crate.  These boxes appeal to me because while I’m not actively playing a game right now, I am a gamer at heart.  And my husband *really* loves gaming and has play WAY more games than I have.  Currently he’s playing Far Cry 3 and DotA.  I just played a game called Broken Age that I got in the Steam sale.  It was super cute but way too short and reminded me of Monkey Island.  Admitting that I played Monkey Island really dates me, I know, but I loved that game and way back then it was SO awesome.

Every has a T-shirt which is nice.  Loot Crate does them every other month but not always. I don’t wear the T-shirts, I get them for my husband and he likes them.  This box has three main items and then a bunch of smaller ones that I didn’t really care about.

The Cost: $18.92/month (that includes shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value of awesome stuff in each box. Every month features a new collection with an exclusive EPIC Shirt!

Star Wars AT-AT Plush– Licensed awesomeness!  There were several variations of these plushies and I could have gotten a Millenium Falcon!  Luckily, this one is pretty cute.  I did have to rescue it from the jaws of my plushie loving rat terrier and it is now safely on display out of reach.

It doesn’t have the best construction ever but I still love it. It’s my favorite thing in the box.
Value: $9.99

Robo Buddy Wristband– This wristband is the same color as Beemo (BMO?) in Adventure Time but it’s not quite the same.  I wish it was Beemo.  Did you know there is the most perfect text message ring tone?  Yep.  And it’s Beemo saying “Who wants to play video games?”.  I love it every time I hear it.  That and the ringtone that sings about making bacon pancakes.
Adventure Time is ridiculous.
Value: $3
Futurama Air Freshener– “You Shall Not Gas”  What is with all the air fresheners lately? Do they think every gamer geeks car reeks or something?  I keep getting these things in this type of box. Sheesh.  Not every one drives a 1992 Honda Civic and needs one of these!  My husband didn’t appreciate the joke I made either.  That secretly pleased me. 😀
Value: $2

1Up Box Exclusive OmegaBox T-Shirt– Nerd boxes love mashup T-shirts and this is another one.  I actually like this one but mainly because a short stumpy Vader reminds me of Spaceballs and that makes me laugh.
Value: $14.99

Odds and Ends–  These are some paper dolls, a pin, the 1Up Robo Mayhem info page and a not-BH6 postcard.  I didn’t really care about any of this.  Paper… meh.

VERDICT: I actually like this more than I did my. Other than that there were some paper dolls and a postcard.  Three things in this box will be used or are already being used in the case of the AT-AT, T-shirt and wristband.  The paper dolls hit the trash though I couldn’t put the not-BH6 in the garbage because… well, BH6…  For under $20, it was worth it to me for those things.

February 2015’s theme is Apocolypse so expect Walking Dead and also something Nintendo Power Up.  If you want to sign up for the 1Up Box.