Oui Please Vol 1: Paris, I Miss You Review

This is my review for the new OuiPlease subscription box.  It’s all about putting France on your doorstep and deals with only French products and brands.  Sounds like fun, right?!  I totally signed up even though it was $150.

The outer packaging was gorgeous.  A keepsake black, lidded box was inside the outer (huge and well padded) packaging.
On top of the box was a card in an envelope.  So far,  it’s feeling like I’m the getting one of the most amazing gifts ever.  I knew some of the brands I might find inside but I tried to drag it out.
Everything is wrapped in black tissue with a satin ribbon.  The book on top explains everything about each product you receive.  Unfortunately, it also shows everything about the products other people received, too.  It also has recipes, interviews and coupons inside as well, so it’s not something you want to skip reading.
Here’s a more indepth look at what I received in this OuiPlease box:
Atelier Cologne in Vanilla Insensee-7.5ml-This is Atelier Cologne’s best selling fragrance.  It’s created with vanilla, coriander and oakmoss.  It’s sweet, yet earthy.  I do like this.  I think it smells wonderful and I like Atelier cologne.  I received a different scent in a Glossybox.  I much prefer this one. This is my favorite size, too.
Value: $25
Sothys Paris is a global brand, renowned for bringing advanced skincare and expertise to spas around the world.  They feature innovative collections that feature marine and botanical actives and certified organics.  I received two sunscreens from their Suncare Line.
Soins Soleil Cellu-Guard Medium Protection SPF 20 Tanning Body Lotion-150ml-$54
Soins Soleil Cellu-Guard High Protection SPF30 Sun Sensitive Areas Care-50ml- $45
Sothys Paris Shower Gel in Lemon-Lime and Patchouli Escape-200ml- $27
Les Petites Paris Peut-Etre Sweater– “Maybe” it’s actually a sweatshirt. Or maybe it’s both.  It’s 100% cotton, navy blue and has white felted letters.  I’m worried if I wash this, it will stain the white letters blue and that it will shrink.  I received a medium but it looks pretty small.  I should have thought of French sizing when I filled out my profile, I think.  This is where a price discrepancy comes in.  While I can’t find this particular sweater anywhere, there is something close on the Les Petites website.  It is a sweatshirt like this one but with a different saying.  I find it hard to believe that this sweatshirt is $145 like the booklet says when nothing on their site comes close to that price in the category.
Value: $70 (55 Euros)
Tassia Canellis LoveBird Earrings–  These are very dainty and beautiful.  They are gold plated earrings with colored enamel.  I like these but I don’t really wear gold much.  They are so sweet and pretty, though, that I kind of want to make an excuse to wear them.  These are orange.
Value: $42

Marlette Preparations Bio Cereal Bars with Figs and Apricots–  Marlette makes organic baking mixes of all kinds.  It was started in France (of course!) by two sisters and makes gourmet mixes.  I really want to make these but I think my MIL would like these more than I would.  She loves anything with figs.  Actually, I should make them and then just take some to her.  Much better idea.
Value: $10

Le Benefique Tea–  I haven’t opened this even though I really want to because it has real lavender sprigs in it.  I can tell without opening it that my allergies are kicking in and I’d rather not die just for my curiousity. 😀  Alright, I wouldn’t die but still.
These are for making your own herbal tea.  It is a sprig of lavender, thyme, sage, lime tree and lavender that has been dried.  Add it to your hot water and enjoy!
I think this sounds like SO much fun!  I might make my husband take it outside and open it and bring the other sprigs back in.
Value: $5

Popup Paris in Forest Lump– It has a funny name but it smells very good.  This is a votive (maybe a little bigger? It’s 2.8oz).  It has a 25 hour burn time and has a 1 in 50 chance of having a diamond inside!  Not just good smelling but fun, as well.  Love it!
Value: $35

Bons Baisers De Paris Passport Case– A practically size, plastic passport case with adorable croissant designs.  I… well, I can use this but it seems kind of silly.  Plus it’s plastic.  We will see how it holds up when I take it to Germany with me.  I cannot believe that this costs $20.  It’s cute but not that cute!
Value: $20

Christian Lacroix Glam’Azonia 2015 Dated Hardbound Diary– A very colorful date diary for 2015.  He may be a big designer and be able to draw really well but euch.  This is not my style.
However, I know just the person who will love this as part of her Christmas gift.  When I heard something like this was going to be included, I knew it was going to be hers if I got it.
Value: $26

Mineroche Scented Stone– Mineroche creates a variety of scented objects with custom messages. This one obviously says Oui Please.  It’s made in France with minerals and has a unique fragrance.  Place on a table and experience the scent.  This smells very good and fits in the palm of my hand.  I can’t decide where I want to put it for maximum scent enjoyment.  It might have to stay on my desk.
Value: $7

VERDICT:  I really, really wanted to LOVE this OuiPlease box.  Instead I just like it.  I didn’t really know what to expect and I’m pleased with the range of items included.  I like the idea of including jewelry, beauty, lifestyle and fragrance items.  Clothing is rough and I can see where that may disappoint many people.  Sizing isn’t easy.  I chose Medium in my profile and it worked out.  The sweatshirt fits perfectly but that’s because I’m a small person.  And if I wash it, it probably won’t fit when it shrinks.

I have some issues with the fact that there are variations of this box.  Some have expensive perfumes, some have leather clutches, some received hair and makeup items.  There are several different kinds of jewelry that could be sent.  The problem with this is box envy.  And it’s not a $10 Birchbox envy, it’s “I just spent a lot of money and why wasn’t that awesome item included in my box” envy.  I think it’s a legitimate concern.

The problem then lies in value.  Inherently, the real value of a box is in what you can do with what you receive.  How much of the box can you use?  In  monetary terms, the value of  my particular box is $366.  That’s $240 with $126 in Sothys items.  However if I value the sweater at what the booklet says it’s worth ($145) then the retail value is $441.
Now what happens if someone receives a box that’s worth $550?  Or what happens if someone receives a box worth $350 but every single item is something you would use?
Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is a mystery box.  I know I can swap for items I want or go buy them myself.  Am I beating a dead horse?  I’m just imagining the uproar if the Popsugar Neiman Marcus box had had variations.  Haha!

Is OuiPlease worth $150 I paid? Yes, definitely.  And actually I paid $120 because I used OUIByrdie to get a 20% discount.  But yes, it’s worth more than I paid and I can swap for things I want.

I’m not really happy that $126 of the value was in Sothy’s items.  Especially when two of them are sunscreens!  You’d think that whoever was putting the boxes together would have tried to get a better variety even if they were going to include three items from the same brand.

However, I love the inclusion of the scented stone, the tea sprigs, the baking mix, and the candle.  I have been so hoping for a lifestyle box and this box definitely appeals to the part of me that wants Home items.  I really like that about this box.

Will I stay subscribed? Yes.  I really like what OuiPlease is trying to do.  While this particular box is not my favorite, I think it has potential and I’m excited to see what the next box will bring.

If you want this box (or a variation of it!), sign up here at the OuiPlease website.  Boxes are $150 and come out every two months.  You may get this first box, I don’t know if they are sold out.  Use code OUIBYRDIE to get 20% off (if it still works!).

What do you think?  Am I crazy? Is this box magic and I shouldn’t complain? Is your box more amazing than mine? What did you get?!

TL;DR This box was fun, it’s expensive, I don’t like variations, I’m getting the next one.