Memebox Brighten and Correct Review and Coupon Codes

While Memebox has certainly been going through some growing pains lately, when my Brighten and Correct bundle showed up at my door I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. With the dearth of boxes being released, I don’t have a whole lot left to get. After this I just have Global #18 and Garden of Eden and that’s it!

The boxes I received today are both very good and I’m happy to see it. It seems like Memebox always does better with skincare boxes than boxes that need cute or weird things in them. This Brighten and Correct box has only five items but they are all full size. I paid $6.50 for this box by using Memepoints and coupon codes.

There is a pretty nice variety here and I definitely expected some whitening products. Most “whitening” claims actually mean that it contains niacinamide which actually helps even out your skintone and won’t actually make you white. I’m pretty pale as it is, I don’t need to be whiter but I *do* want a beautiful even skin tone! Who doesn’t!?

AHC Hologram Collection Whitening Serum

I’m starting with the prettiest first. I also have to be honest and say that the ingredient list doesn’t really thrill me. It’s got alcohol in the first four ingredients. Alcohol is drying and very irritating to those with acne prone skin. The best ingredient is Niacinamide and it comes after alcohol. All other beneficial ingredients are so far down the list as to be non-existent. So, while this is pretty, I won’t be using it.

Ladykin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream-60ml

Ah! Ladykin! Remember when I was all grumpy because there was no Ladykin in the Green Food Cosmetics box? Now you see why! See! It’s green, it’s broccoli and its amazing. 🙂 They are also lucky I can’t read the ingredient list in order to pick it apart. Hah! However, my other Ladykin products that I do have lists for all contain lots of good ingredients and few fillers. You will love how your skin looks after you put this on, too. Plus it smells like berries. It’s a very white cream. I love it.

WithMe White Perfection Marin Silk Formula Hydrating Cream

120ml- This is another moisturizer. I have a cleanser by this same brand that I really like and use regularly. I’m not sure what good silk really does but I like how it cleans. This one, however, is new to me. A hydrating cream.
Unfortunately it also has alcohol in it. Niacinamide is the ingredient after alcohol. So it will definitely brighten your skin but alcohol is an irritant and might not be worth it for you. I’m debating trying this anyway just to see but then again, I have the Ladykin Broccoli Super I can use that I trust a little bit more. I’m just trying to figure out why my face gets red. I won’t have my wonderful SoyBio+ forever to constantly fix it but something is making my skin unhappy.

Ariul Spa Water 24Hours Moisturizing De-tox Mask-100ml

This is a fun cleanser. Spread it on your dry face and it foams up. Add a little water, massage and rinse! This uses hot springs water to clean up your face and pores and leave your skin moisturized and soothed. Recommended for dry skin types.

Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot-15ml

I have this one already. It’s actually a great product with good ingredients. It has niacinamide and hyaluronic acid in it which are both great. I haven’t started using the one I have so this one will go up for swaps. I think I’m on a little Meme overload right now. That’s why I don’t mind missing out on box or two.


I think this is a good box. Even though some of the products won’t work for me, it doesn’t change the fact that this box has five, full size interesting products in it. I do wish they would have dropped one of the moisturizers (the WithMe because I’m in love with LadyKin) and put in an ampoule or a toner but that’s just me. Otherwise this has a cleanser, serum, spot treatment and (2) moisturizers so you’re sure to find something to incorporate into your routine. Or it gives you almost a full routine as it is.
For someone new to Memebox this is excellent, even at full price of $23 plus shipping. At the $6.99 I paid, it’s more than worth it even if I won’t use one of the products.

If you would like to see more of Memebox and what they have to offer you can check them out here.
Make sure you use coupons if you decide to purchase. You can see the whole list of available coupons and deal on my Memebox Deals page.

But here are a few coupons to get you started:

ENFWEK- $5 off one order over $30 in December
GD419- $3 off your next box. Exp March 31st.