Gilt City Subscription Box Deals! Black Friday Deals!

Right now, Gilt City has a plethora of deals for subscriptions going on!  You’ll have to join Gilt City to gain access to them (I hate that but it’s worth it), which you can do right here using my link.  The link will give you 25% off your first deal if you are a new account!  That makes these deals even better!
First up is Bean Box!  Get small batch, artisan coffees from Seattle delivered to your door.  I have reviewed Bean Box and you can see that review right here.  These are good coffees

Get one month for $15
Three months for $42
Six months for $79
Here is the deal link in case you can’t find it once you sign up.  Or just go to it, if you are already a Gilt City member.
Next if for you if you love socks!  And you know *I* do so I might have to snag this one!
Sock 101!!  Get socks delivered!  One pair a month in an array of colors and patterns.  It looks like you need to be a new customer in order to use this deal but I’m sure there’s a workaround.
Three months is $18
Six months is $36
One year is $69
Here is the deal link in case you can’t find it once you sign up.
Then there is Graze!
Graze sends you snacks you’ll like based on your profile answers.  I think it comes every two weeks normally but you can change it to whatever time frame you want.  This Gilt City deal will give you your first box free but will also sign you up for their snack service so be aware of that.
Here is a  link to the deal.
This last one isn’t a subscription but it is from a subscription box company called MakersKit.
It’s actually a SET of kits bundled together.
There are two Holiday sets, one is for women and the other for men.  Both contain three kits and a gift card.  I think they’re pretty fun gifts, although I might divide the kits up between relatives.  These kits are both $85/ea.

The Womens comes with:
Large Teardrop Air Plant Terrarium Kit
Mason Herb Garden Kit
Natural Soy Candles Kit
$20 gift card

The Mens Kit comes with:
Large Amoeba Air Plant Terrarium Kit
Classic Cocktail Bar Set Kit
Classic Shave Kit
$20 gift card

See the Deal right here.

And don’t forget to sign up with my link and get 25% off your first order.  You can only order one thing at a time so make sure you pick the one that will give you the best deal first.

Now!  If you’ve read this far, you can also use Ebates at Gilt City!  You’ll get 3% back on your purchase.  If you don’t use Ebates and you buy a lot of stuff online, you are missing out!  I held off for a while, thinking it was a scam even after other people I knew were raving about it.

Basically, Ebates makes deals with companies.  They get a cut if people use their links to buy things from these companies.  What Ebates does is give you part of the commission they make for purchases made with their links.  So Ebates gets money and you get money, instead of only Ebates getting money.  It’s pretty genius on their part because it makes people like me WANT to use their links.

But that’s what it is.  Sign up here if you’d like to try it!  Their website is really hokey but their customer service is phenomenal! I’ve even forgotten to use the link a time or two and filled out the form and they made sure I got my rebate!  Make sure you install their desktop (or mobile) button onto your computer (or phone) because it will pop up and tell you when you’re on a website you can get money back from.  Super handy.

You’ll get cash back at places like Sephora, Groupon,, Glossybox, Barkbox, Macy’s, Kohls, Nordstrom… You get the idea.  I love it!  It’s a nice little bonus and it makes me feel better about some of my purchases.  I got some things at Nordstrom and got $50 (!!!!) back! So yeah.  I like it. 😀