Splendies October 2014 Review Plus Coupon Codes

Splendies is an underwear subscription.  Each month they’ll send you three totally cute undies in the mail.  It’s actually a pretty fun subscription because you have NO IDEA what kind of underwear they are going to be sending you each month.

When you order, you’ll receive your first shipment within a week and then at the end of each month afterwards.  You’ll get a mix of styles like boyshorts, bikinis, and/or thongs, as well as a variety of colors and materials like lace or cotton.

What You Get: Three pairs of quality undies delivered discreetly to your door every month.  For the LUXE subscription you will receive three pairs of underwear from premium brands every month. All items come packaged in a beautiful tie-ribbon keep sake box.
If you hate thongs, don’t worry!  You can request no thongs for $2 extra bucks.  That means three pairs of undies for $14.  I wouldn’t want any thongs so that would make each pair I received only $4. Pretty fun!  You can also cancel or change your size at any time.

Vision Intimates Boyshort-This is a super bright blue cotton/spandex boyshort.  I think these are cute even though I hate hearts normally.  I do like the cut a lot.  Sadly, these were damaged when I received them.  I contacted Splendies and they said they try to make sure they send only perfect undies but in cases like this, they will either give a refund or add another pair to the next months shipment.
I would definitely want to get another pair in the next shipment over a refund.  Cute undies are cute and more is better!

Honeydew Intimates Rayon Boyshort in Berry Crush-The Rayon and Cross Dye Lace boyshort is very flattering and comfortable. It’s made from a stretchy, soft, and sturdy rayon material and is accented with a beautiful cross-dyed lace.
I do think this is super cute and it’s my favorite pair sent to me.

Body Jewels Chelsea Thong-This is a thong.  I prefer not to wear thongs.  Luckily, subscribers can Opt Out of getting thongs! That’s pretty great, imo.

VERDICT:  Splendies sent a fun mix of undies and apparently everyones deliveries are different so you really will never know what you might receive.  I would say these are of average quality. Wearable and cute and worth the $4 a piece.  I know it’s funny to get underwear in the mail but it’s actually a really good idea.  These are far more fun than anything I would pick for myself and add a little pizzazz to my otherwise boring collection of Hanes Her Way.  Amirite?!

The good thing about this sub is you can cancel anytime and change your size if you need to.  Their customer service is pretty great and not being forced to get thongs is the best.

If you would like to sign up and experience Splendies for yourself, you can sign up right here!

Don’t forget to use promo code “SPLENDIES” and save $4 off your first month, just for trying us out!

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