Memebox Superbox Yogurt Cosmetics Review

When Memebox first announced the Yogurt Cosmetics box, I was all over that and now it’s time for a review!  I had missed the Milk box and so when this dairy-related Yogurt one came out I snatched it quick.  There is no donkey milk cream in this box but that’s okay, it’s got other goodies!
The Cost: $23 plus shipping
What You Get: A themed mystery box packed with Korean beauty, skincare and makeup products.
Memebox is not a subscription, you can buy as many or as few boxes as you like.  It all depends on your budget and your penchant for fun, interesting, unusual and effective Korean products. Sometimes the things I get in my boxes make me go “Huh??” and other times I cannot believe the awesomeness of what I find.  The Yogurt box is totally fun with even a bit of cute tossed in!
Purederm Yogurt Mask in Strawberry-150ml-  I love the scent of strawberry and I wish this was a body wash!  It’s actually a wash off face mask.  Since I’ve got my It’s Skin Pomegranate one to finish up first, I’m waiting open this to preserve its tastiness.  This is a nice big bottle and should last awhile.
Value: $12
Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam in Gentle-120ml- I got this cleanser in the grains version. It’s got rice and macadamia oil in it, too.  I’m a teensy bit jealous of those who got berry flavors but that’s okay.  I can put this in the shower and my husband will help me use it up.  It does have one negative characteristic and that is that it smells like baby powder.  I really don’t like that smell :*(.
Value: $6

Ettang Modeling Take out Cup Pack Yogurt Mask-17g-  This is a rubbery mask that soothes, moisturizes and firms up the skin.  It says its a single use but based on others’ experiences I’m going to try and stretch it out a little (no pun intended, really!)  I’ve mixed it up and have it on my face.  It’s very cooling I must say. I look kind of like a zombie.
Make sure you get it thick enough.  When it’s thick enough on your skin it will dry in a way that is super easy and oddly rubbery.  Some places I spread it too thin and I had to wash it off because it just cracked instead of peeled.
Value: $3

Pure Smile Yogurt Mask Mixed Fruits x2– Memebox has been very good about including more than one mask lately! Yay!  This is a mix of yogurt and banana, kiwi and pineapple.  Designed to deliver moisture and nourishment while preventing dehydration.  These have vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in them but I can’t tell how much because I haven’t figured out how to read those characters
Value: $3
Namedics Rappol Calming Cream-150g- This brand started out for babies but got very popular among people with sensitive skin.  This contains natural ingredients and helps soothe, moisturize and restore the skin’s oil/moisture balance.  This apparently is a popular brand and I was so sad when Google was not able to translate it because of all the pictures.
I am pretty sure this has lavender in it but while I can smell it, it’s not strong enough to actually activate my allergies.  It’s pretty thick and I think I’ll be saving this for use as a body moisturizer when the weather turns colder and drier.

Value: $49

Holika Holika I Want Chu Strawberry Smoothie Lip Balm–  Is it bad that this is almost my favorite thing in the box?!  The strawberry is SO strawberry, I love it!  The “cream” one smells like the inside of an oreo!  Supposedly, you’re supposed to use the strawberry one if you’re a girl and the cream one if you’re a boy (see the moustaches!?).  I just use them both myself. I’ll share some things but I want all the lip balms for myself!
I love these because they have my favorite amount of softness to them.  Sometimes lip balms can be so hard that if your lips are super chapped, it hurts just to apply it!
Value: $11

VERDICT:  What a fun Memebox!  They should have called it the Strawberry Smoothie box because of the two strawberry items.  I love the lip balms and the yogurt pack.  I wish there was more yogurt pack but that’s okay.  I will get a couple uses out of it.  The value of this box is mainly tied up in the Rappol Calming Cream.  It really is $49!  I looked it up!  So the value is over $80 and I paid $18 for it with points and coupons.  I do like this box and I’m glad there was a cleanser in it.  The strawberry wash off mask is HUGE but I have to wait til I finish up my pomegranate one first.

I need to make some kind of organizational system for all my Memestuff!  By product type, expire date and whether it’s better for winter or summer.  I think I’ll organize my cupboards tomorrow.  That will be fun!

Oh!  If you haven’t entered my Memebox sponsored giveaway you should do that!  You’ll win five products from the USA Memeshop.  You do have to be a resident of the USA which stinks for my lovely international people but I did get confirmation that something is coming out for you, too!!  I’m not sure when but the word was “soon.”

You can see the current Memeboxes available on the Memebox website but remember to use a coupon if you haven’t already!  You have two coupons you can use this month: NE7XV7 and RM2T.
You can use each of those one time in the month of October.