Mantry 2014 Salty Dog Gift Box Review

Mantry is the ultimate crate of manly foodtasticness.  It’s called Mantry because it’s the Modern Mans Pantry.
I really liked our last Mantry so I decided to get another one.  I did use a coupon both times so this box was $50 instead of the regular price.  It’s still a lot and you really have to like interesting foods for this to be worth it to you.  It was a voucher deal so I wasn’t able to get a regular crate but the coupon was for a Gift crate.  This one is the Salty Dog.

One of my favorite parts of Mantry is the wooden crate it comes in.  Sadly, this time around, the bottom was not nailed together so it basically fell apart.  I still like it so I will get my own nails and hammer and fix it.  I do wish they paid more attention when they were putting these together, though. This is a $75 investment and I expect the box to at least hold the items!

The Cost: $75/monthly

What You Get: A new and exciting food experience every month. The monthly crate allows you to discover and eat 6 full-size, super premium foods from around America, with little commitment.

Bar Harbor Foods New England Clam Chowder–  One of the best canned chowders out there.
Right after water, fresh clams is the second ingredient!  There are no artificial preservatives and all the ingredients are real food, nothing weird.  Yay!  I don’t like clam chowder but DH does so he’ll be eating this.
Value: $3.99

Liddabit Sweet Sea Salt Caramels– Pure ocean sea salt is stirred into buttery caramel made with locally sourced dairy cream.  This has only 6 ingredients.  These soft chewy treats are made with fresh cream, whole vanilla beans and just the right amount of crunchy sea salt.

I’m spoiled when it comes to caramels.  It’s hard not to judge all caramels against the standards of Serendipity Confections caramels.
These Liddabit caramels taste like tootsie rolls with the same consistency.  I’m not a fan.  Their website isn’t working so I can’t get the price so I’m going to guess.
Value: $6.99

Coops Micro Creamery Coop’s Hot Fudge-Made with only the finest European Chocolate and local dairy ingredients in small batches.  This sounds amazing just from the ingredients!  I can’t get it open because of the trademarked “Drippy Lip” but I might have to go soak the lid just so I can dip my finger in and tell you how it is.  Okay, finally did it.  All I have to say is that this is deliciously dark and decadent and I want to eat it with a spoon by itself but that would be wrong.  Wouldn’t it?
Ingredients:  Fresh Cream, Cane Sugar, Salted Butter, Brown Cane Sugar, Pure Unsweetened Chocolate, Natural Cocoa Powder.
Value: $10.99

Island Trollers Wild Pacific Albacore– Sustainably caught by fishermen off the coast of Washington State (hey, that’s where I live!) results in an impeccable can of sashimi grade albacore.
Hand trimmed and cooked only once for ultimate flavor.  This is flavored with jalapenoes and sea salt for a little kick in your tuna pants. 😀  I like tuna but I don’t like jalapeno.  Luckily, DH likes both and I’m going to be gone for three days so he can eat this.
Value: $7.99

Halfpops Butter and Pure Ocean Sea Salt Popcorn– This is air-popped, halfway popped popcorn.
I don’t think I really know what that means so I guess I have to open the bag. Ohhh!  This is good!
It’s like cornnuts.  Really crunchy corn.  Tasty! I’m going to put this in a ziplock bag and take it on the plane with me.  I don’t even know how these work but they’re so good.
Value: $4.29

White Whale Cocktails The Filthy Liar– Fresh lychee with  rosemary and clove make the perfect cocktail mixer.  Add equal parts gin, shake over ice and serve.  It’s made with pear juice, lychee puree and  lime juice.  It tastes great and I love the hint of clove.  While I won’t be drinking this with gin, I will add it to some club soda for a great tasting fizzy drink!  YUM!
Value: $11.99

VERDICT:  There is definitely a lot of fun and interesting foods in this box.  The Halfpops are tasty, the Hot Fudge is to die for and the White Whale drink mixer will be good in sparkling water.  I didn’t care for the Liddabit Sweets but DH will eat the tuna and clam chowder.
The value of this box was $47.  I’m not impressed with that at all.  A food box should at least reach the paid value of the box.  Technically this box was $75 even though I paid $50 for it.  This is not something I approve of.  I know that food subscriptions aren’t high on value like beauty boxes are but at the very least they should come close to what I paid.

I can’t recommend Mantry for good value but I can say you will get some pretty interesting products.

You can check out the Mantry website here and make your own decisions.