Memebox Global #13 Review

Today is my birthday and it was EXTRA Birthday-ish because I got not one, not two but THREE Memeboxes!  This review is for Memebox Global #13 which I consider the best of Memebox.

The Cost: $23 plus 6.99 shipping

What You Get: The original Memebox comes packed with 4 – 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.

Memebox (pronounced me-me box) is not a subscription box.  You may purchase as many or as few boxes as you want.  They are usually curated around a certain theme and tend to ship much later than when you pay.

This is a great box.  Apart from tampons (seriously?!), this box has a LOT of goodies in it!  Each Memebox also comes with a information explaining each item.  This is good because the majority of items are labeled in Korean.  Which is fine for those who read Korean but not so good for the rest of us.

Nuganic Customized Sun Base Color Control Cream-40ml- Full Size.  This is a CC cream that helps to balance out your skin’s oil/moisture balance and leaves a silky smooth finish for your make up.  It covers imperfections and has a high SPF to provide sun protection.
This actually is a pump!  It looks like a tube but its a pump. I like that because it keeps the ingredients away from the air.

Eco Natural Tempo Tampons– 3 pack. Yep. Tampons.  I think that’s all I need to say.

Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream75-75ml-Full Size- Wheat extracts hydrate, firm, brighten and fight signs of aging.  It has a gentle, light texture that absorbs easily and doesn’t irritate.
This actually has some of the best ingredients I’ve seen.  It has ALL my favorites including niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and I think it also has retinyl palmitate in it. (See ingredients at fanserviced-b) It’s pretty thick so I’m saving it for a winter moisturizer but it’s seriously amazing.  I’m using my SN-T  Goddess Cream as a summer moisturizer right now.  It’s so light and perfect.
This might be my favorite thing in the box.

Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule 6mlx2- So this might have the worst name ever. I have the most horrible image when I hear the word lump.  Ugh.  Anyway, they call it this because its made with fermented soy bean lump and its an ampoule (a serum with concentrated ingredients).  I don’t even know what that is but I’m going to try this.  It’s supposed to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  I need that since I’m another year older  today. 🙂
This has no scent and is clear and quite liquidy.  One drop pretty much covers half my face.  Despite the horrible name, this will go into rotation soon.

23years Old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy– Made from carbonated water, this carboxy pack creates sparkling bubbles on your face, minutely massaging the skin while you are wearing the mask pack.  It may prickle a little bit as bubbles penetrate into your skin to cleanse your pores.
So this also comes with a cloth sheet mask.  I’m going to try rinsing and reusing it so I can get more than one use out of it.  I think I’ll try this tonight.  I’ll update this post with how it goes 🙂

**OH, the pain!  Wow!  I have no idea how this works.  Part of the juice must be in the mask itself, it was pretty crispy.  Anyway, I squirted the gel from the syringe into my hand and spread it on my face.  I only used about a third of it and it was plenty.  I think.   Then I got the white sheet mask out (not pictured).  It smells funny and is really stiff.  The second I put it on my jelly covered face, everything started to fizz.  Painfully, in some spots.  Maybe I needed more jelly to protect me?

I left it on for half an hour, at which point it was stuck to my face.  Stuck like tape.  So I slowly peeled it off, feeling like I was taking the top layer of my skin off with it.  It was crispy again.  The only thing is… I’m not sure what it did.  My skin is pretty soft but I slathered hyaluronic acid all over it afterwards so it should be soft!

I’m going to try it one more time.  I think the catalyst is in the mask and I used that up already but I’m going to use it again and maybe put more jelly on my face (use the two thirds that are left).

CNP Laboratory Tone-Up Protection Sun Control Formula-15ml- This is a sunblock with an SPF 42.  It’s pretty pink, probably because its supposed to correct your skin tone. It’s for your whole body and has a powdery finish that keeps you feeling cool.

CNP Laboratory Derma-Scalp Shampoo-25g- This will deep cleanse your scalp, unclogging pores, removing excess impurities and dead skin.  It will also refresh and cool with tea tree oil extracts.
This smells sooo good.  Actually it smells like menthol but I love menthol in the mornings!  I’m totally using this.  I want a clean scalp!

VERDICT: I ended up liking this box a lot.  The tampons threw me off but there’s some fun things in here.  The Wheat-Germ Cream moisturizer is definitely my favorite.  I’ll use the “lumpoule” and the shampoo for sure.  I’m just getting into CC creams so I’ve been testing a bunch next to each other.  I’ll add this to the bunch and see which one comes out on top in another post.
This box had 7 items which is great and there is a pretty great variety.  Actually, I guess I’d have to say there’s actually six items because umm… tampons?

If you would like to check out Memebox and see their boxes, head over to their website and see whats available!

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