Breaking Down the Curriculum of a Doctorate in Education Online

If you’re passionate about making big-picture changes to education, you could build a career in curriculum and instruction. An online doctorate in this field is available to current teachers who want to take on administrative roles.

Depending on your chosen program, you may study educational theory, student learning assessment strategies, and curriculum internationalizing. You’ll also take research courses.

A popular option for educators and prospective education professionals looking to advance their knowledge, abilities, and career chances is an online Master of Education (M.Ed.). Online programs provide flexibility, allowing students to balance their studies with work and other commitments. 


An online education doctorate focuses on developing leadership and research skills for those who hope to work in the field of education and beyond. Students who enroll in these programs can complete most of their coursework from a computer, tablet, or smartphone at a time that fits their schedule.

If you are a working professional who wants to progress in your career but needs assistance taking time off, an affordable online doctorate in teaching is a great choice. 

In addition to a core curriculum, some programs require students to complete an applied research project. Students in this program work with a professor and classmates to find solutions to real-world problems. Students learn to use existing research and knowledge to improve educational practices, support teachers and students, and foster innovation.


A doctorate in education online requires extensive research to create and present a dissertation. While this may seem like an intimidating prospect, many programs provide students with the chance to work closely with a faculty member during their dissertation process. This can ensure the quality of the final product and provide students with valuable experience.

In addition to the dissertation, a doctorate in education program will require students to complete courses focused on their specialty. These courses will concentrate on the real-world application of theory and research to address issues in the field of education, depending on the specialization. For example, a program focusing on educational leadership and management might include classes such as Educational Leadership, Contemporary Issues in Educational Administration, and Advanced Learning Technology.

The most significant difference between an EdD and a Ph.D. in education is that a Ph.D. is designed to prepare scholars for careers in academia. At the same time, an EdD is more focused on solving real-world issues. Those with an EdD can pursue leadership positions in the field of education, and this includes roles as elementary, middle, and high school principals and postsecondary administrators.

Another important consideration when choosing a program is whether it will offer online classes or an on-campus option. Some universities may require on-campus residencies as part of the course of study. Others will offer fully online programs that students can access from anywhere with an internet connection.


A dissertation is a lengthy piece of scholarly writing that accounts for your research work throughout your doctoral program. It’s the equivalent of an essay, except it demonstrates mastery of your subject.

It is typically written under the guidance of a committee that includes faculty members, advisors, and similar professionals who help shape your academic arguments and writing. This committee is not unlike the thesis committee that oversees master’s degree students’ theses.

The dissertation usually consists of chapters that outline your results, the impact of your findings, and your plans for the subject. Including a title page containing your dissertation title, name, department, institution, degree program, and submission date is also essential. Depending on your school’s requirements, you may also need to include your supervisor’s name and the university logo.

An online education doctorate can open doors in your career and empower you to make a difference in educational leadership. 


A doctorate in education online is the highest degree one can earn in the field. It opens doors to career advancement in leadership, higher education, research, and more. Whether starting your career or building on your experience, an online EdD program can help you develop advanced skills and knowledge to create measurable organizational change.

An online educational doctorate is an exciting opportunity to study various topics, including educational theory and practices, policies, strategies, and issues. Many programs offer a combination of coursework, field research, and a dissertation to create an engaging student experience. Some programs also require a residency or fieldwork, though these requirements are rare in online programs.

An online educational doctorate prepares graduates to be educational leaders and strategists, bringing about transformative changes in schools worldwide. During the process, you will gain an understanding of a range of different issues and trends in education and learn how to implement practical solutions. You will also learn to use data to drive decision-making and understand your work’s impact. As a result, you will be equipped to lead and manage complex organizations through uncertain times. A Doctorate in Education is the ideal degree for those with a passion for learning and a desire to impact the future of society.