Yogi Surprise February 2017 Subscription Box Review and Coupon

Yogi Surprise is a box that focuses on products that will integrate into a yoga lifestyle. I don’t really do yoga but this box has had some fun things in it. So I signed up with a coupon to get a taste. So far it’s been great. This month has a little too much lavender in it and I checked  my account to see if I could skip it but no such luck. I wish every subscription allowed that.

The theme is “Self-Love” and if loving yourself has to do with smelling like lavender and being clean, you got the right box. Haha!

The Cost: $44.95/month.

What You Get: You’ll receive 6 to 8 full-size products with a value of over $70, designed to nourish and support your well-being, vitality, and growth.

Booda Butter Suds of Love- This is an unscented soap made of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. You can use it for just about anything. It’s a nice white and smells exactly like nothing at all. I’m just gonna give a little shout-out because this company is from a little bit north of me! Yay, Booda Butter from Bellingham!
Value: $7

BalancedGuru Organic Nourished Scalp Treatment- This is basically aloe, alcohol and essential oils (yes, including lavender). I’m not sure I really want to rub this on my scalp– oh, wait, I can’t. I hate not having the option. *shakes fist at lavender* I can’t tell if I think the alcohol would be good because I have an oily scalp or if the essential oils would make it more oily. Aloe is always a good thing (in my opinion).
Value: $23

Cuccio Somatology Yoga Elixir Calming Spray- This is mad with Lavender and Cardamom which I’m sure smells absolutley wonderful. I was so happy to see cardamom and so sad to see lavender. Ugh. I hate allergies. This spray is good for anything from rooms to wet towels.
Value: $9

Valentina’s Naturals Balancing Beauty Mist-  This is a clarifying and rebalancing mist for combination/oily skin. It’s made with Organic Witch Hazel Extract, aloe, apple cider vinegar and alcohol. I have dry skin and I know this would wreak some havoc so I can’t use it but I definitely agree that keeping your skin free of bacteria is pretty awesome. Plus this has aloe in it. And, you know, aloe is basically magic. 🙂
Value: $22

Bearded Brothers Blueberry Vanilla Energy Bar- Made with dates, real dried blueberries and almonds without added oils or sweetener. This bar has a bit of added protein from organic sprouted brown rice powder.
Value: $3

JasmineSeven Yoga Mat Wipes in (you guessed it!) Lavender + Tea Tree Oil– Keep your mat clean! Or your skin. Or whatever! This brand has some peppermint foot wipes that I adore.
Value: $4

You’ll also always receive a card with a series of poses designed to fit within the theme for the month. It’s a very sturdy card and I definitely would advise keeping them. 🙂

VERDICT: Well, I have to admit that for me specifically this box is a flop. I can’t breathe lavender, I don’t like dates and I have dry skin so I can’t even use most of these products. HOWEVER!! I am well-aware that boxes of this type have a lot of lavender (hence subscribing with a coupon) so it’s a risk I took knowingly. Besides that, the variety is great, the brands are fun and eco-friendly and really if you want a date with yourself, you could use all of these. Oh, and the value is incredible!

If you would like to subscribe to Yogi Surprise, you can do that here. Use code YOGILOVE for 20% off your first box.

Here is the spoiler card for what will be in March’s box:

Soul Flower Boho Headband and Jivana Body Butter! You’ll get these two things plus four more items and the always included yoga pose card.

What do you think!? Fun? Would something like this be great for someone who does love yoga?