Popsugar Must Have February 2017 Review and Coupon

The February 2017 Popsugar Must Have box shipped early so that everyone would have it before Valentines Day. I thought that was pretty nice of them to do! On the other hand, I can’t say that this was my favorite box ever. I don’t know. It just seemed… empty? I adore Popsugar Must Have and have had very few flops in my almost four years of subscription so I’m not complaining super hard. Just observing.
Since I love Popsugar so much, I knew I would be snagging a six month subscription over the holidays. I did that for a great price and with the new ability to Upgrade subscriptions, I also added on a 3 month subscription using the great MSA coupon. I work pretty hard to make sure I don’t have to actually pay full price for my boxes which was a lot easier when they always had $10 or $20 off coupons. They did away with those deals last year but even paying full price, I still enjoyed every box.

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: You’ll get an exciting monthly box full of fun, full-size products that are hand-selected by the Popsugar editors. Full-size products and premium items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food.
Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch- This is definitely an amazing item! It’s high quality with good workmanship. It’s probably going to last forever. I love the design and I like the black and ivory color scheme as well. It’s fairly good sized, too. I can get a lot of stuff in there. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, though. I tend to prefer something with handles or a loop strap even on my clutches. We’ll see. This is pretty nice, too nice for me to just want to give it away.
Value: $98
Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk- These are gorrrrgeous! It says you can use them up to 25 times. I’m TERRIBLE at putting on fake lashes. I’ve actually never managed to do it. I mean, I’ve tried. And tried. And tried. But I can never get them to stick in the right place and then I manage to make it so you can see the glue or something dumb. Currently I get lash extensions which are expensive but the results are so glorious I can’t stop. I still keep these fake lashes, though. Hoping that one day I’ll use them. Maybe for Halloween or something. I don’t know how some people can put them on so perfectly! I feel like I’ve watched a million YouTube videos on how to do it and I still can’t. Ugh. Lash glue is also included.
Value: $28
Kris Nations Jewelry Love Script Necklace- Didn’t we get something like this before? Oh, haha, yes, but it was Sept 2015. I’m not a big fan of words or hearts in my jewelry. I know some people LOVE hearts (obviously, or they wouldn’t be so popular) but I have never liked hearts on anything, now that I think about it. Not in my art, not in my pillows, nothing. You will never find wooden blocks saying Love or Laugh or Live in my house. Haha! I’m not even sure why I don’t like them. Must just not be my style.
Anyhoo! This necklace is 18K gold vermeil, the word is .5″ wide and the chain is 16-18″ long. Gold isn’t my thing but I will be gifting this to someone who will appreciate everything about it. 🙂
Value: $48
Chuao Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch- My husband’s favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s the only cereal he will eat and he says it’s bad for you so he doesn’t do it very often. I’m giving this to him because I’m sure he won’t be able to stop eating it once he starts. And that will make me feel better about snarfing something “bad” for me. 😀
Value: $6

Juara Skincare Candlenut Body Creme- This is sort of a blah inclusion but mainly because I already got it in my FabFitFun box. I know that’s not Popsugar’s fault buuuut…
Value: $35

Revlon Super Lustrous Love is On Lipstick- This is a bonus product and yes, it’s a red lipstick. At first I was groaning about “another red lipstick” but then I opened it. It is a glorious shade of red. It’s on the blue spectrum and it tends toward almost fuschia. I mean, it’s definitely red but it’s more pinky with not even a hint of orange. Yeah, I love it. And I normally hate red lipstick. Mainly because if it’s orangy or coral it makes my teeth look yellow. So if you’re a Winter, try this.

VERDICT: Okay, so this box has an excellent retail value of over $200 but I still am pretty “meh” about it. I like the clutch (and the lipstick) and that’s about it. I think I expected a little more foof for a February box. I mean, it’s still an excellent deal for me since what I don’t like can be gifted or swapped but still. Is it just me or did anyone else feel a little bit let down when they opened the box?

If you’d like to sign up for Popsugar Must Have, you can do that here. You’ll start with the March 2017 box. Use code REFER5 for $5 off your first box.