Memebox July 2016 Points Deal and Surprises

Memebox is running a great special right now, along with a few mystery prizes. I love this kind of thing so you know I got one of each!
For the next 48 hours (until July 22nd at 6pm PST) you’ll get 4x points! If you’ve been thinking about getting something, this is a fun way to add points to your account and get that product you’ve been eyeing.

That’s not all!! They’re having an ice cream surprise promotion right now as well. Purchase one of these surprises and you’ll be sent something worth more than what you’ve paid for.

Marvelous Mix is $1 and you’ll get something worth up to $4.

Moody Mint n’ Chip is $3 for something worth up to $12.

Funny Funfetti is $6 for something up to $18.

Cheerin’ Cherry will give you a product worth up to $27 for $15.

Now, notice that it is “up to” so you could technically receive something valued less than the “worth up to” price. However, Memebox has been pretty good about that in the past and, at least for me, it’s always been at or close enough to that “up to” price.

I figure the $1 one will probably be sheet masks or Memebox eyeliners. Which… ehhh… not the things I want the most of.

You can buy multiples but there is a potential for overlap. It sounds like they’ll try hard not to do that but it may happen so keep that in mind.

Here’s the fine print:

Event begins July 20, 2016 at 6pm PT and will run as supplies last. Limited quantities are available. Coupon codes are not valid while any ice cream is in cart. Multiple ice creams can be added to cart, but if the same ice cream is added to cart more than once, there is a chance of receiving duplicate mystery items. (though we will try to mix things up, but this is not guaranteed). Returns or exchanges for all mystery ice cream items will not be accepted. Promotion is valid while supplies last. Subject to change without notice.