Wantable Intimates March 2016 Subscription Box Review

Wantable Intimates is a subscription I absolutely love. I always try to review it before I snatch everything out of the box and put it on but it doesn’t always work out. Then since, I’ve already worn it and the box is upstairs and the clothes are on me or being washed or whatever, I just let the review slide. Even though I feel like it’s a disservice to my readers not to tell them how awesome my Wantable Intimates subscription is.
It’s also not easy to take good pictures of clothing in the space that I have. I told my husband we need a bigger house with more light so that I can take better photos for my blog. He just laughed.
Wantable is fun because it has a great profile system that you can switch up as often as you want to. They also have Accessories and Makeup subscriptions, as well. With Intimates, Makeup and Accessories, you pay a flat subscription fee and you get to keep everything you get. They also have two subscriptions called “Edits” which are for Fitness and Style. These two subscriptions are different because you pay a styling fee plus the cost of the clothes. Intimates is NOT like that!

The Cost: $50 the first month, $46 thereafter for Intimates (Makeup and Accessories are $40/$36)

What You Get: Three pieces of intimate apparel that perfectly fit your preferences. Choose comfy loungewear or sultry lingerie. Keep what you love, return what you don’t.

First, you need to fill out your profile when you set up your account. It’s really easy and you can change it up as often as you want. I change mine about once every three months.

The way it works is that you will only receive things from your Loves and Likes list and never anything from your Dislikes. The stock rotates so you’ll always get something new, no matter if you leave your profile the same for the whole year.
Rene Rofe Casual Friday Leggings Blue– This brand pops up a lot in Intimates. Luckily, I’ve always been happy with the brand and what I’ve received and these leggings are no different. Suuuper comfy, a tiny bit loose and at a capri length. Love them. Once I put them on I didn’t ever want to take them off. These match with the tunic which was also in my box. Also, leggings make for really boring photos.
Value: $28
Rene Rofe Casual Friday Tunic– This is a space dyed, short sleeve tunic that’s super soft and comfortable. It’s almost like I’m wearing PJ’s but nicer.

I love getting loungewear over lingerie in this box. Lingerie has too many opportunities to fit weird on me so I always go for loungewear.
Value: $30

Sam and Olivia No Show Socks– So there were actually six pairs of these socks but remember how I said I have an issue with not putting things on immediately? Yep, the purple pair has already been put to good use. These are comfortable socks with the bonus of being colorful and cute! I’m a little obsessed with socks so I always hope every box has them. 😀
Value: $16

VERDICT: The nice thing about Intimates is that if you hate something or it doesn’t fit, you can just send it back and they’ll refund you the percentage of the price that the piece makes up. Lucky for me, I tend to always love everything. I’ve only sent back two boxes in over two years. Wantable also has some magnificent customer service. I once was sent something that had a small stain and they immediately replaced it. Another time they sent me something (a thong) that was on my Dislikes list and they sent me a whole new box even though I only needed one item replaced!

Another reason I love Wantable? You can Skip! Any time, any subscription, right from your account! It’s ridiculously easy and just makes it one step better. Like for April, I skipped Intimates because I wanted to get Accessories instead. Easy peasy.

If you would like to sign up for Wantable, you can do that here. There aren’t any coupons running right now but if you follow their Facebook page, they very occasionally have one day sales. Ive only managed to catch one once, though. Anyway! Sign up and have fun filling out your profile!

Do you get any of these Wantable subscriptions? Which is your favorite?