Super Geek Box October 2015 “Chaos” Review and Coupon Code

Super Geek Box is a monthly gamer and geek subscription box that ships out monthly around the world from the US. I’m a big fan of these kinds of boxes (which you can probably tell by my reviews). I find that my favorite boxes are the ones with as little filler as possible and always have a T-shirt. I feel like Super Geek Box is (so far) a good match for my likes.

The Cost: $19.92/month (includes US shipping)

What You Get: $40+ Value in each box! New swag every month. Guaranteed exclusive Ultra-EPIC Shirt! or something 2x Epic!

Funko Mopeez Plush Oogie Boogie

I’m starting with my favorite thing! This is a Funko Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas!! You didn’t know Oogie could be so cute did you?! Haha! I am actually making my husband watch the movie with me tonight because I’ve not seen it in so long.
Value: $8

Foam Chainsaw Finger

This is courtesy of Super Geek Box. It’s a chain saw. We actually ended up using this for Halloween but mainly as a toy for the kids.
Value: $5

Venom Bandana- This my husband wore. It’s a bandana (I didn’t unfold it all the way for the photo) and works great for a scary face.
Value: $5

Funny Bone T-shirt

It took me awhile to realize this was the Joker and instead of laughing, he’s crying. Because he… broke his funny bone? And now Batman and Robin are laughing at him.
Value: $14.99

Super Geek Box Dead Pixels Air Freshener

Filler Alert!! Do people use air fresheners in their cars any more? Well, shockingly… My husband has been using the ones we’ve gotten! I think the Spock fingers one is out of juice so this one is going up next.


I like Poprocks and so does my husband. Since he gets the ones from my Candy Box, I’m eating these.

A pin to commemorate the month.


I definitely prefer boxes with T-shirts although I admit, I prefer licensed versions (like TeeBlox!). I adore the Oogie and now I want the other two options! While the chainsaw thing is sort of dumb, it worked out well as a party toy at the Halloween party and since this is basically a Halloween box, I’m good with that. I did not like how I was charged for my second box before I received the first but I’m pleased enough with this box to stick around for the next.

November’s theme?

Legacy! Sign up here to get your box and use code LEGACY to get $4 off!

What do you think of this box? Do you have a favorite geek/gamer box to suggest?