Loot Crate Fallout 4 Limited Edition Crate Review and Unboxing!

My Loot Crate Fallout 4 Crate arrived today! I’ve been so excited about this because Fallout is one of my husbands favorite game franchises and because I’ve enjoyed watching quite a bit of it. I can’t play because over-the-shoulder views and FPS’s make me insanely motion sick. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that bums me out because I’ve missed out being able to play so many excellent games.
This Loot Crate was a one time purchase, cost $100 and was curated in collaboration with Bethesda. The contents claim to be exclusive and awesome. Since Fallout 4 is a highly anticipated game (it releases on the 10th) there was a very high demand for the box.
Exclusive Vault 111 Messenger Bag– I thought my husband wouldn’t want this (he is over 30!) but he is actually still wearing it from when I made him let me take pictures (since he wouldn’t take anything off, I had to take photos while they were still on him). He said it was going to be his new “going around” bag. Which means it’s for his laptop and stuff when he goes over to play at someone else’s house.
The outside is really sturdy, the inside is lined in yellow fabric (not very tough) and it has a spot for pencils and a phone. It velcros shut and has both a padded shoulder strap and handles.
Exclusive Dogmeat Plush– I think he doesn’t really look like a German Shepard but Dogmeat is a mutt anyway so this works. I love the goggles! He’s pretty cute. I remember when my husband first found Dogmeat in Fallout 3 (and he kept him alive the entire game). I think knowing in Fallout 4 that Dogmeat can’t die will be a relief. I mean, who doesn’t love Dogmeat?!
Exclusive Fallout Coaster Set– I actually really like these, they’re rubbery and grippy and since they look so good maybe the boys will use them for once. Seriously. Probably not but at least they’ll look good on the table.
Vault 111 Hoodie– This is actually a really nice hoodie! It’s heavier than I was expecting, the zipper is sturdy and the hood is lined. Like I mentioned before, my husband refused to take anything off sooo… here’s the hoodie and the messenger bag being modeled by DH. When I saw this was the spoiler, I hunted around and bought one I thought would be nicer but now I guess I didn’t need to have done that.

Exclusive Fallout 4 Collector Pin Set– Normally I’m not a fan of pins but these are awesome! They’re made with rubber backs so you can safely pin them to your hoodie (or whatever) without stabbing yourself! They’re solid, too.
Exclusive Fallout 4 Collector Posters– Two small posters (8.5 x 13) on heavy paper and with great colors. I need to (absolutely MUST) get a frame for these. If anyone knows an inexpensive way to get frames for this kind of thing, tellll meeee! I held the corners down with the coasters so that’s what you’re seeing.
Exclusive Brotherhood of Steel Flag– This thing is huge. It’s actually flag sized. Which sounds funny to say but seriously. It is. Protect and Preserve, people!
VERDICT: The contents of this Limited Edition crate were pretty awesome! It’s a lot to spend but with fanatics in the family, it’s worth it to get something fun like this. Plus the fact that nearly everything will be used. Well, everything, actually. Although Dogmeat is up on a high shelve so the actual dog doesn’t get it and rip him apart. Or maybe I’m saving my dog from Dogmeat, now that I think about it. Haha!
This is the kind of box that makes a special kind of gamer happy. My husband is apparently, that kind of guy because he put everything on (then wouldn’t take it off- its been on all day now), hung up the flag, went and got his laptop so he could put it in the messenger bag, pinned on all his pins and set out the coasters. He also took a week off of work in order to immerse himself in Fallout 4. So yeah. Good thing he married a gamer. I always tell him that. He’s pretty lucky. Who else would know not to interrupt during a raid, keep his pizza from burning while on a campaign or put up with a huge flag in the living room?

Loot Crate also has monthly boxes you can have delivered. They’re $19.95/month and have awesome gamer/geek loot! Sometimes T-shirts and plenty of comment inducing collectibles to surround your computer desk with, all delivered right to your door. You can sign up here.