Geekfuel November 2015 Geek/Gamer Subscription Box Review

Geekfuel is a geek and gamer subscription box that sends an assortment of items designed to please the nerd inside. I’ve received a few months of this and while it has no set theme, it does have some pretty good items that haven’t appeared in other boxes.

I personally prefer boxes that include a t-shirt in every box and this is one of those. Geekfuel also has the distinction of being the only box (that I know of) that includes a full length game download in each box.

The Cost: $23.90/month (that’s including the shipping!)

What You Get: Every box will include a t-shirt, a full game and over $50 worth of awesome geeky goodies to appease the gamer at heart.

Geekfuel Mini-Mag- Tips and tidbits, short articles and essays related to all things geeky! There was a Hunger Games sticker inside.

Ghostbuster 30th Anniversary Playing Cards- I mostly play Solitaire on my Galaxy Note (Samsung’s Ipad) at night and rarely use a pack of cards anymore. However, these will make a stocking stuffer for my nephew and I’ll have to teach him how to play Slap.
Value: $10

Exclusive “Assemble the Resistance” T-Shirt- This is a T-70 X-Wing fighter model, ready to be put together. I don’t even know if they make these kinds of models anymore but when I was a kid I had plenty of these punch out types. My dad was an engineer which meant my brothers, sister and I always got the kinds of toys that had to put together.
Value: $14.99

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers- These are completely ridiculous! They’re also cute and awesome. We aren’t using them for their intended purpose. Instead they are displayed.
Value: $12

War Never Changes Propaganda Poster- Since we’ve had a week straight of playing Fallout, this comes right on time. I’m thinking I’m going to laminate it and put it on the wall. I was going to try and frame all these posters but they’re such weird sizes that I can’t find the right frames for them! I guess I’m going to have to do the junior high thing and stick them all on the walls with pushpins or that sticky putty.
Value: $9

Defense Grid 2 Downloadable Game- This is a tower defense game with pvp and multi-player co-op modes. Since my husband’s current obsession is Fallout, this will probably sit awhile before it gets played. Plus it’s probably not as good as DotA2, which he also plays.
Value: $10

Fallout Security Key Card- This was one of the best things in this box, according to my husband. He’s going to print out a headshot of his character and stick it on this badge then wear it to work. Or wherever. Hilarious. I told him if he dresses up in all his Fallout stuff and goes to work, I’ll make him his favorite dinner. Blech. Tuna casserole using his moms recipe. Gross.
Value: too cool for a price

VERDICT: This month’s box has a great value for. Everything will be used or displayed and even though the playing cards are meh, they’ll make a good stocking stuffer for a boy. The value this month was really great, too. It was definitely worth the cost, especially with getting a good t-shirt.

If you would like to sign up for Geekfuel, you can do that right here.

Have you been getting Geekfuel for long? What do you think of it? I’m still having a hard time deciding which geek/gamer box is my favorite because so much just depends on the month.