Treats Premium Snack Box Review ~ October 2015 Croatia/Serbia and 15% Off Coupon Code

Treats Box continues to blow competitors out of the water when it comes to delivering full size, quality snacks from around the world. This month the snacks are from the Balkans area and includes some of Croatia’s and Serbia’s top candy and snack makers.

This box is especially fun for me because I’ve been to Croatia and recognize several of these snacks. One thing I love to do when I’m traveling is try as many weird and/or interesting snacks as I can. I gave one snack a second try and it’s much better this time around.

The Cost: Premium Box- $24.95/month, Standard Box-$12.95/month

What You Get: Either 4-5 or 8-10 fun treats and snacks from around the world.  Each month’s box will feature snacks from a different country in the world.

Stark Smoki Snack– So, when I tried this snack while in Dubrovnik, Croatia, I was was not impressed. I was expecting them to taste like cheese. Like Cheetos or something. I think that was because they were on the shelf next to a bag of Croatian Cheetos in the chip/snack section. Which, by the way, US chip aisles alone are practically as big as some of the markets over there. So when we found a store big enough to have half an aisle of snacks, we grabbed as many as we could.
These do not taste like cheese. Or cheetos. Or anything even close. They taste like peanut butter. Actually, they taste kind of like a salty Peanut Butter Crunch (you know, that Cap’n Crunch cereal?). When you have a choice between salty peanut butter corn puffs and a delicious chocolate filled krafna (donut), the krafna wins every time. Those little Croation bakeries are killer on the waistline but the krafna are worth every extra pound.
Still, these aren’t as bad as I remember them being. They’re actually kind of addictive.

Stark Prima Pretzel Sticks– This is another snack we picked up in Croatia. Probably the same time we got the Smokis. I remember we fought over the package because it was Sunday and all the shops were closed so there was nothing to eat. They taste like pretzels, of course, because that’s what they are. Long, salty pretzels.

Kras Dorina Keks– I think Kras is one of the most prominent chocolate snack makers in Croatia. If the contents of this Treats box are anything to go by, I’m pretty sure that’s true. This is a chocolate bar with cookie crumbles in it (If I was English, I’d call them biscuit crumbles). So it’s sort of like a Nestle Crunch only with cookies instead of rice krispies. It’s pretty tasty. 😀

Kras Animal Kingdom– This is a collection of six milk chocolate bars. SIX! This is so much chocolate I can hardly believe it. I still can’t get over how many treats are in this Treats box.

Kras Napolitanke Mocca– Okay, first. This is a snack box. This is the biggest full size snack I’ve ever seen in a snack box ever. I do NOT know how they do it but this is awesome! A whole box of wafers with coffee cream inside. Both my husband and I love wafer cookies so it’s a good thing there’s such a big box. No fighting necessary! 🙂 There are 64 wafer cookies in this box. And they’re delicious.

Kras Tortica Wafer– I know I said I liked wafers earlier and I do. This was fantastic. Chocolatey, crunchy and slightly sweet. I ate one and I’m saving the other. I liked this a lot.

Ki-Ki Plus– These are strawberry, cherry and pineapple flavored taffy squares. They’re kind of like Starburst but softer. And kind of like taffy but harder and less sticky. They’ve got a pretty intense flavor, too.

Kras Lizli Chocolate– Two chocolate animals on a stick. A fun chocolate snack, especially for the kids.

Jaffa Munchmallow– Marshmallow sandwiches are pretty much my husbands favorite dessert. We did get these in Croatia and we ate quite a lot of them amongst ourselves. These are individually wrapped and there six of them! These sizes are SO generous.

Takovo Isleri Eurocrem Biscuit– These are like Nilla wafers with chocolate hazelnut creme sandwiched between them. With one Nilla wafer covered in chocolate. So yeah, tasty. Somewhat irresistible as well. Sooo much good stuff, so little room in my stomach!

Okay, first ignore the Tortica repeat. Obviously they were so delicious I thought I need to take their photo twice. Derp.

Kras Bananko– Haha! A chocolate covered banana…. marshmallow? It’s almost marshmallow but grittier. I have no idea. But it does taste like banana. It’s pretty good if I get over the idea that I think it’s supposed to be soft and chewy like a marshmallow. It’s not a bad texture, just different.

Pionir Kidy Coconut Desert– This is a chocolate covered coconut bar. It’s surprisingly coconutty and delicious. Since there are two bars, I can share.

VERDICT: Honestly? What’s not to love? Treats might be one of the best snack subscriptions out there. The value continues to be incredible. I love the fact that Treats explores a new area every month, too. It means there will always be something different and interesting to try. I think the curation is very well done because everything is actually worthy of being eaten. Know what I mean? Sometimes these snack boxes can have products no one could like. I think Treats gives a GREAT value for the money, too. Highly recommend.

If you’d like to sign up for Treats Box, you can do that here. Use code BITBOX15 for 15 % off your first box!

What do you think of this box? Do you like the idea of concentrating on a different region of the world every month?